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Trivia Quiz - Australian Singers and Bands

This quiz is all about Australian singers and bands from the 80's,90's and today.

Quiz Number: 2663
Date Submitted: June 22, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Hayley
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Times Taken: 51 times
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Australian Singers and Bands
(Image Source: AC/DC @ Heavy Harmonies)

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1. Which Australian band released "Who Can It Be Now" in 1981?
  A.   AC/DC
  B.   Mondo Rock
  C.   Men at Work
  D.   Australian Crawl

2. Which Australian singer got "Physical" in 1982?
  A.   Kristy Allen
  B.   Grace Knight
  C.   Melissa
  D.   Olivia Newton John

3. Which Australian band recorded a cover version of "He's Gonna Step On You Again" in 1987?
  A.   The Party Boys
  B.   The Models
  C.   Mi Sex
  D.   Split Enz

4. Which Australian singer released "Torn" in 1997?
  A.   Gina G
  B.   Kylie Minogue
  C.   Aleesha Rome
  D.   Natalie Imbruglia

5. Which Australian duo released "I Knew I Loved You" in 1999?
  A.   Batchelor Girl
  B.   Savage Garden
  C.   Jackson Mendoza
  D.   Madison Avenue

6. Which Australian band released "Get Set" in 1999?
  A.   Crowded House
  B.   Vertigo
  C.   Taxi Ride
  D.   The Living End

7. Which Australian singer released "Who Do You Love Now" in 2001?
  A.   Delta Goodrem
  B.   Dannii Minogue
  C.   Deni Hines
  D.   Vanessa Amorosi

8. Which Australian band released a cover version of "Black Betty" in 2004?
  A.   Frenzal Rhomb
  B.   Zed
  C.   Spiderbait
  D.   Ash

9. What Australian band released "Fat Cop" in 2001?
  A.   Regurgitator
  B.   Silverchair
  C.   28 Days
  D.   Grinspoon

10. Which Australian band released "Lost and Running" in 2007?
  A.   The Avalanches
  B.   Something For Kate
  C.   Tripod
  D.   Powderfinger®   

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