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Trivia Quiz - Here Come the Brides TV Show

"Here Come the Brides" was one of my favorite shows!! Some of you are too young to even remember this show, but you older ladies will fondly remember the three handsome brothers of Bolt Mountain !! Good luck !!

Quiz Number: 2731
Date Submitted: July 17, 2008
Quiz Categories: TV Dramadey
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: cindilee
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Here Come the Brides TV Show
(Image Source: Stuck in the 70s)

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1. What were the names of the three Bolt brothers?
  A.   Jason, Jasper and Jamie
  B.   Jason, Joshua and Jeremy
  C.   Jay, Justin and Jerry
  D.   Jared, Justin and Jamie

2. The TV show "Here Come the Brides" aired from September of 1968 until April of what year?
  A.   1970
  B.   1972
  C.   1969
  D.   1971

3. To what town in Massachusetts did the Bolt brothers go to recruit women to come to Seattle?
  A.   New Bedford
  B.   Salem
  C.   Boston
  D.   Northampton

4. What was the last name of the man named Aaron who bet the Bolt brothers that they couldn't get the ladies to stay for one year?
  A.   Coleridge
  B.   Houser
  C.   Green
  D.   Stempel

5. What was the name of the saloon owner who became the confidante and helper to the ladies of Seattle?
  A.   Lorna
  B.   Lottie
  C.   Susan
  D.   Madge

6. What was the last name of the ship's captain from "Here Come the Brides"?
  A.   Clancey
  B.   Rutherford
  C.   Kerrigan
  D.   Mulrooney

7. What kind of problem did the youngest Bolt brother have?
  A.   He had Tourette's syndrome
  B.   He stuttered.
  C.   He was a kleptomaniac
  D.   He walked with a limp

8. What was the name of the leader of the women and who became the youngest Bolt brother's girlfriend?
  A.   Lottie
  B.   Biddie
  C.   Candy
  D.   Patty

9. What was the name of the theme song to "Here Come the Brides"?
  A.   Love and Marriage
  B.   Get Me to the Church on Time
  C.   I Love You Truly
  D.   Seattle

10. Which teen heartthrob played the youngest Bolt brother?
  A.   Bobby Sherman
  B.   David Cassidy
  C.   Leif Garrett
  D.   Scott Baio®   

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