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Trivia Quiz - Soda Pop Advertising Slogans

Each of the following questions is an advertising slogan associated with a soda pop. Can you guess the correct drink?

Quiz Number: 2865
Date Submitted: October 13, 2008
Quiz Categories: Business
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Soda Pop Advertising Slogans
(Image Source: Team Sugar)

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1. "You like it; it likes you".
  A.   Coca Cola
  B.   Dr. Pepper
  C.   Seven Up
  D.   Pepsi Cola

2. "Things go better with______".
  A.   Pepsi
  B.   Coke
  C.   RC Cola
  D.   Nehi Grape

3. "Charge! Get goin' again with the _______ difference!"
  A.   RC Cola
  B.   Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer
  C.   Orange Crush
  D.   Dr. Pepper

4. "You've got a lot to live, and _____'s got a lot to give."
  A.   Coke
  B.   Fanta
  C.   Faygo
  D.   Pepsi

5. "It has to be ______ at refreshment time."
  A.   Seven Up
  B.   Shasta
  C.   Sunkist Orange
  D.   Coke

6. "It's the real thing".
  A.   Coke
  B.   Pepsi
  C.   Dr. Pepper
  D.   Seven Up

7. "It'll tickle your innards."
  A.   Sun Drop
  B.   Mountain Dew
  C.   Seven Up
  D.   RC Cola

8. "The uncola".
  A.   Sprite
  B.   Mountain Dew
  C.   Seven Up
  D.   Orange Crush

9. "Obey your Thirst".
  A.   Sprite
  B.   Pepsi
  C.   Mountain Dew
  D.   RC Cola

10. "Nothing does it like ______".
  A.   Pepsi
  B.   Seven Up
  C.   Coke
  D.   Hires Root Beer®   

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