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Trivia Quiz - Heart: Ann & Nancy Wilson Rock!

Just a few questions about one of my favorite rock groups - Heart, featuring Ann and Nancy Wilson!

Quiz Number: 2893
Date Submitted: November 14, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Heart Ann  Nancy Wilson Rock
(Image Source: Ann and Nancy Wilson. Credit: Sidney Junior)

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1. Heart is a rock band whose founding members came from where?
  A.   Detroit, Michigan
  B.   New York, New York
  C.   Seattle, Washington
  D.   Los Angeles, California

2. In what branch of the service was Ann and Nancy Wilson's father?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Marines
  D.   Air Force

3. Ann Wilson joined the band in late 1970. What was the band called at that time?
  A.   White Heart
  B.   Hocus Pocus
  C.   The Army
  D.   Heart Beat

4. What was Heart's debut album?
  A.   Annie Get Your Gun
  B.   Annie's Songs
  C.   Dreamboat Annie
  D.   Heart Beats

5. What was the first record company that Heart signed with?
  A.   Aragon Records
  B.   Epic Records
  C.   Portrait Records
  D.   Mushroom Records

6. Why didn't the band play in the U.S. until 1977?
  A.   Several of the members were from Canada
  B.   The taxes were cheaper in Canada
  C.   Their record company was located in Canada
  D.   One of the members was a draft dodger

7. In 1984, Ann Wilson recorded a duet with Mike Reno of Loverboy called "Almost Paradise". The song was featured on the soundtrack of what film?
  A.   Dirty Dancing
  B.   Flashdance
  C.   Footloose
  D.   Tequila Sunrise

8. On which Heart album will you find the power ballad "Alone"?
  A.   Dog and Butterfly
  B.   Bad Animals
  C.   Magazine
  D.   Heart

9. What was the name of the studio album that Heart released in 2004, their first since 1993?
  A.   Desire Walks On
  B.   Heart
  C.   Brigade
  D.   Jupiter's Darling

10. What Heart song was played at the 2008 Republican National Convention?
  A.   Hope & Glory
  B.   Magic Man
  C.   These Dreams
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