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Trivia Quiz - NewsRadio: Fast-Paced Sitcom

What do you know about NewsRadio?

Quiz Number: 2933
Date Submitted: December 05, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 72.9 percent
Times Taken: 76 times
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NewsRadio Fast Paced Sitcom
(Image Source: NewsRadio @ Wikipedia)

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1. NewsRadio was set at WNYX, a fictional AM news radio station located in what city?
  A.   Boston
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   New York City

2. WNYX station manager Dave Nelson has an intermittent relationship with whom?
  A.   Lisa
  B.   Beth
  C.   Catherine
  D.   Andrea

3. Station electrician Joe Garrelli espouses various conspiracy theories, being particularly concerned with the government's suppression of information about what?
  A.   global warming
  B.   communism
  C.   the cold war
  D.   extraterrestrials

4. Catherine Duke, the second of WNYX's news anchors, is often bitter rivals with whom?
  A.   Lisa
  B.   Mr. James
  C.   Dave
  D.   Bill

5. Lauren Graham had a four-episode run as Andrea, an efficiency expert who shakes up the office. Which of the following changes did she NOT make?
  A.   fired Matthew
  B.   demoted Dave
  C.   promoted Lisa to station manager
  D.   fired Bill

6. Which character actually holds a degree in dentistry but prefers to work in radio journalism?
  A.   Matthew
  B.   Dave
  C.   Bill
  D.   Catherine

7. A recurring theme in the show is station manager Jimmy James' desperate search for a what?
  A.   new location for the radio station
  B.   dog
  C.   business partner
  D.   wife

8. What character's salary is often the subject of jokes on the show?
  A.   Beth
  B.   Dave
  C.   Matthew
  D.   Joe

9. What actor replaced Phil Hartman on "NewsRadio" after Hartman was murdered in 1998?
  A.   Patrick Warburton
  B.   Bob Odenkirk
  C.   David Cross
  D.   Jon Lovitz

10. There were three actors that appeared in all 97 episodes of "NewsRadio." Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  A.   Dave Foley
  B.   Stephen Root
  C.   Maura Tierney
  D.   Andy Dick®   

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