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Trivia Quiz - See the USA in Your Chevrolet: The 1960s

How much do you know about the Chevys of the 60s? This is a great trivia quiz about the Chevrolet models of the 1960s.

Quiz Number: 2977
Date Submitted: December 22, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Automotive Industry
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 58.2 percent
Times Taken: 427 times
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See the USA in Your Chevrolet The 1960s
(Image Source: 1962 Corvette)

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1. What Chevrolet model saw its sales go down drastically after Ralph Nader wrote a scathing review of it in his book "Unsafe at Any Speed"?
  A.   Corvette
  B.   Corvair
  C.   Impala
  D.   Nova

2. What styling feature set the 1963 Corvette coupe apart from every other Corvette of the decade?
  A.   Split rear window
  B.   Side exhausts
  C.   Vinyl roof
  D.   Gull wing doors

3. In what model year was the Chevelle introduced?
  A.   1961
  B.   1962
  C.   1963
  D.   1964

4. From 1961 to 1963, Chevrolet sold what pickup truck that featured a tailgate on the right side of the box that could be used as a ramp?
  A.   Rampside
  B.   Loadside
  C.   Sidewinder
  D.   Walkup

5. What model did Chevrolet introduce for the 1967 model year to do battle against Ford's popular Mustang?
  A.   Del Ray
  B.   Camaro
  C.   Vega
  D.   Monza 2+2

6. For 1969, Chevrolet discontinued what feature in its big cars?
  A.   Fender mounted radio antennas
  B.   Rear seat radio speakers
  C.   Quad headlights
  D.   Vent windows

7. Prior to the 1969 model year, what was the Chevy Nova called?
  A.   Chevelle
  B.   Chevy II
  C.   Malibu
  D.   Vega

8. Chevy discontinued what model after 1960, only to re-introduce it in 1964?
  A.   El Camino
  B.   Brookwood
  C.   Greenbriar
  D.   Biscayne

9. In what model year did Chevrolet introduce the Caprice?
  A.   1963
  B.   1964
  C.   1965
  D.   1966

10. In one model year only, the standard equipment V8 in the Chevrolet Impala was 307 cubic inches. What was that model year?
  A.   1966
  B.   1967
  C.   1968
  D.   1969®   

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