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Trivia Quiz - Burn Notice: The Basics

Ten questions about "Burn Notice", the spy comedy/drama on USA Network. If you've ever watched the show these questions shouldn't be too hard.

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Date Submitted: December 27, 2008
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Burn Notice The Basics
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1. In what U.S. city does the principal action in "Burn Notice" take place?
  A.   Los Angeles
  B.   Phoenix
  C.   San Diego
  D.   Miami

2. What actor plays ex-spy Michael Westen?
  A.   Bruce Campbell
  B.   Reed Diamond
  C.   Bill Pullman
  D.   Jeffrey Donovan

3. Michael's former girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne, is played by Gabrielle Anwar. In what motion picture did she dance the tango with Al Pacino?
  A.   "Last Tango in Paris"
  B.   "Scent of a Woman"
  C.   "Dog Day Afternoon"
  D.   "Heat"

4. Which of the following best describes a burn notice?
  A.   Dismissal of an agent considered unreliable.
  B.   Disclosure of an agent's secret identity.
  C.   Revocation of an agent's passport.
  D.   Recall of an agent from his duty station to Washington.

5. Sharon Gless plays Michael's mother. What is her name?
  A.   Evelyn Westen
  B.   Madeline Westen
  C.   Gloria Jean Westen
  D.   Gladys Westen

6. What is the main employment of Michael's friend and cohort Sam Axe?
  A.   He manages a salvage yard.
  B.   He is a private detective.
  C.   He is a retired Navy SEAL who romances rich women.
  D.   He manages a copy store.

7. In the pilot episode, in what country was Michael operating when he received his burn notice?
  A.   Bosnia
  B.   Dubai
  C.   Hong Kong
  D.   Nigeria

8. Michael is sometimes called upon by his mother to help his irresponsible brother out of the occasional mess. What is the brother's name?
  A.   Nate
  B.   Seth
  C.   Ben
  D.   Joe

9. Prior to settling down in Miami, Fiona was an operative with what organization?
  A.   The Mossad
  B.   The IRA
  C.   The CIA
  D.   The KGB

10. In the second season of "Burn Notice", Michael reluctantly agrees to do occasional jobs for what mysterious person?
  A.   Carla
  B.   Jennifer
  C.   Angel
  D.   Sebastian®   

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