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Trivia Quiz - Psych: TV's First Fake Psychic Show

Ten questions about the USA Network series "Psych". If you've watched the show a few times these questions shouldn't be too hard.

Quiz Number: 3004
Date Submitted: December 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: TV Dramadey
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Psych TVs First Fake Psychic Show
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1. Fake psychic Shawn Spencer is played by what actor?
  A.   Steve Zahn
  B.   Timothy Omundson
  C.   Tom Everett Scott
  D.   James Roday

2. What is the real name of Shawn's best friend, Gus?
  A.   August Moon
  B.   Burton Guster
  C.   August September
  D.   LeVar Guster

3. Shawn's "psychic" skills are actually very keen powers of observation and deduction, taught to him by whom?
  A.   His mother
  B.   His father
  C.   His parochial school teacher
  D.   A detective who befriended him as a child

4. What actor plays Shawn's father, Henry Spencer, in the series?
  A.   Corbin Bernsen
  B.   Kurtwood Smith
  C.   Tom Bosley
  D.   Tom Selleck

5. By what nickname does Shawn call his nemesis, Detective Carlton Lassiter?
  A.   Carly
  B.   Clouseau
  C.   Lassie
  D.   Nimrod

6. In what California city is "Psych" set?
  A.   San Jose
  B.   Carmel
  C.   San Dimas
  D.   Santa Barbara

7. What happens to Chief of Police Karen Vick at the end of the first season of "Psych"?
  A.   She is killed in the line of duty
  B.   She has a baby
  C.   She is fired
  D.   She leaves to join the FBI

8. Although Shawn works full time as a psychic, what is Gus's regular job?
  A.   Sales rep for a pharmaceutical company
  B.   Computer programmer
  C.   Real estate salesman
  D.   Mailman

9. Shawn's mother, Madelleine, appeared in a few episodes in the third season of "Psych". What actress portrayed her?
  A.   Jennifer O'Neill
  B.   Christie Brinkley
  C.   Cybill Shepherd
  D.   Maggie Sullivan

10. Who was Detective Lassiter's partner in the pilot episode of "Psych"?
  A.   Detective Anne Green
  B.   Detective Lucinda Barry
  C.   Detective Mary Gaines
  D.   Detective Joan Rasmussen®   

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