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Trivia Quiz - Band of Brothers: The Mini-Series

Band of Brothers was such a great mini-series based on fact. If you haven't seen it, do! These are just a few questions from the mini-series.

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Date Submitted: December 28, 2008
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
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Band of Brothers The Mini Series
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1. "Band of Brothers" consisted of how many episode parts?
  A.   6
  B.   8
  C.   10
  D.   12

2. How many rounds of ammunition did a heavy day of filming require?
  A.   10,000 rounds
  B.   12,000 rounds
  C.   14,000 rounds
  D.   15,000 rounds

3. The actors endured a boot camp where they learned the basics of Army life. How many days did the boot camp last?
  A.   10 days
  B.   2 weeks
  C.   4 weeks
  D.   6 weeks

4. How many German and American uniforms were used for the production?
  A.   500
  B.   1,000
  C.   2,000
  D.   2,500

5. What material was used to create the snow for the forest set?
  A.   soap flakes
  B.   styrofoam
  C.   recycled paper
  D.   it was real snow

6. What does "Currahee" translate to in the American aboriginal Cherokee Indian language?
  A.   All for One
  B.   Brothers All
  C.   Stands Alone
  D.   Top of the Mountain

7. What was the name of the Army company portrayed in the mini-series?
  A.   Alpha Company
  B.   Delta Company
  C.   Easy Company
  D.   Charlie Company

8. What member of pop group "The New Kids On The Block" played the role of 2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton?
  A.   Joey McIntyre
  B.   Donnie Wahlberg
  C.   Jonathan Knight
  D.   Danny Wood

9. The experiences of which character are the main focus of the mini-series?
  A.   Captain Lewis Nixon
  B.   Major Richard Winters
  C.   Sgt. George Luz
  D.   SSgt. Joseph Toye

10. The title for the mini-series came from a famous speech from which work of Shakespeare?
  A.   Hamlet
  B.   Macbeth
  C.   Julius Caesar
  D.   Henry V®   

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