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Trivia Quiz - Civil War Generals #1

Civil War Generals #1

Quiz Number: 304
Date Submitted: January 29, 2006
Quiz Categories: American Civil War
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 74.1 percent
Times Taken: 339 times
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Civil War Generals 1
(Image Source: Civil War Uniforms)

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1. General Sherman said this place was "too small for a country, and too big for an insane asylum."
  A.   South Carolina
  B.   The United States
  C.   The Confederate States
  D.   North Carolina

2. What Civil War general earned infamy for supplying troops with prostitutes in 1864?
  A.   Robert E. Lee
  B.   Stonewall Jackson
  C.   William T. Sherman
  D.   Joseph Hooker

3. What Civil War general had his citizenship restored 105 years after his death?
  A.   Robert E. Lee
  B.   Stonewall Jackson
  C.   John B. Hood
  D.   JEB Stuart

4. What flamboyant Union general inspired Americans to grow sideburns?
  A.   William Tecumseh Sherman
  B.   George McLellan
  C.   General Ambrose Burnside
  D.   William Rosecrans

5. What general did Lee fight at Gettysburg?
  A.   Joshua Chamberlin
  B.   John Fremont
  C.   Gordon Meade
  D.   Philip Sheridan

6. What general is credited with the quote, "War is Hell?"
  A.   William Tecumseh Sherman
  B.   George Sykes
  C.   John Bell Hood
  D.   Ulysses S. Grant

7. What was the name of the Confederate General who was in charge of the firing on Fort Sumpter starting the Civil War?
  A.   JEB Stuart
  B.   General Beauregard
  C.   Stonewall Jackson
  D.   Benjamin Franklin Cheatham

8. Which Confederate general was accidentally shot by his own troops at the battle of Chancelorsville?
  A.   Nathan Bedford Forrest
  B.   Robert S. Ewell
  C.   Stonewall Jackson
  D.   JEB Stuart

9. In what town did Robert E. Lee surrender to Grant?
  A.   Gettysburg
  B.   Richmond
  C.   Appomattox
  D.   Norfolk

10. What was Robert E. Lees middle name?
  A.   Ernest
  B.   Edwin
  C.   Edward
  D.   Erwin®   

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