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Trivia Quiz - Saturday Night Live: Part VI

Trivia questions about the cast members, hosts, skits and history of "Saturday Night Live"!

Quiz Number: 3043
Date Submitted: December 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: Saturday Night Live
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Saturday Night Live Part VI
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1. Former cast member A. Whitney Brown frequently recited editorial pieces on the news segment of SNL known as:
  A.   "The Big Picture"
  B.   "One Man's Opinion"
  C.   "That's My Two Cents' Worth"
  D.   "Hollywood Minute"

2. Which "Weekend Update" anchor signed off with the tagline "that's news to me"?
  A.   Dennis Miller
  B.   Kevin Nealon
  C.   Seth Meyers
  D.   Norm Macdonald

3. Former "Roseanne" cast member Laurie Metcalf was a member of the SNL cast during the 1980-81 season. On how many episodes did she appear?
  A.   None
  B.   One
  C.   Five
  D.   Six

4. Norm Macdonald was fired as "Weekend Update" anchor on the orders of NBC West Coast Programming Chief Don Ohlmeyer for making a joke about what personal friend of Ohlmeyer's?
  A.   David Hasselhoff
  B.   Joey Buttafuouco
  C.   O.J. Simpson
  D.   George Bush

5. What host, instead of presenting a monologue, portrayed Betty Boop as the narrator in an Army hygiene film parody?
  A.   Mila Kunis
  B.   Bernadette Peters
  C.   Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  D.   Drew Barrymore

6. In SNL's Gumby Christmas special parody what did Frank Sinatra, played by Joe Piscopo, sing?
  A.   A medley of cartoon theme songs.
  B.   a medley of Hannukah songs.
  C.   "New York, New York".
  D.   "Rock the Casbah".

7. In the opening sketch of a 1986 episode of SNL, habitual liar Tommy Flanagan tries to hit on that week's host in a bar when her real life husband appeared. Who was the host?
  A.   Valerie Bertinelli
  B.   Pamela Anderson
  C.   Jerry Hall
  D.   Paulina Porizkova

8. In a recurring SNL comedy sketch, what cast member played a half man-half goat MTV veejay named "Goat Boy"?
  A.   David Koechner
  B.   Gary Kroeger
  C.   Jim Breuer
  D.   Jay Mohr

9. Who was the last person to host SNL before the writer's strike of 2007-2008?
  A.   Alec Baldwin
  B.   Brian Williams
  C.   Seth Rogen
  D.   Jack Black

10. And just for the fun of it, who was the first person to host SNL after the 2007-2008 writer's strike was settled?
  A.   John Hill
  B.   Steve Carell
  C.   LeBron James
  D.   Tina Fey®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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