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Trivia Quiz - Saturday Night Live: Part IX

Trivia questions about the cast members, hosts, skits and history of "Saturday Night Live"!

Quiz Number: 3046
Date Submitted: December 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: Saturday Night Live
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Saturday Night Live Part IX
(Image Source: Saturday Night Live)

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1. Who portrayed the Festrunk Brothers?
  A.   Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi
  B.   John Belushi & Bill Murray
  C.   Steve Martin & Dan Aykroyd
  D.   Garrett Morris & Bill Murray

2. Who was the only former host not invited to SNL's 25th anniversary celebration?
  A.   Chevy Chase
  B.   Andrew Dice Clay
  C.   O.J. Simpson
  D.   Gary Busey

3. What musical guest made his first and only appearance on SNL at age 92?
  A.   Ornette Coleman
  B.   Eubie Blake
  C.   Xavier Cougat
  D.   John Lee Hooker

4. What SNL cast member did a hilarious impersonation of Charlton Heston doing a reading of Madonna's book "Sex"?
  A.   Phil Hartman
  B.   Darrell Hammond
  C.   Jon Lovitz
  D.   Dennis Miller

5. Which of the following SNL cast members did NOT have a sibling who later became a cast member?
  A.   Dan Aykroyd
  B.   John Belushi
  C.   Chevy Chase
  D.   Bill Murray

6. What season of SNL is generally considered to be the worst?
  A.   6th Season (1980-81)
  B.   7th Season (1981-82)
  C.   8th Season (1982-83)
  D.   9th Season (1983-84)

7. What actor was banned from hosting SNL in 1982 for his abusive treatment of the writing staff?
  A.   Louis Gossett Jr.
  B.   Richard Gere
  C.   Howard Hesseman
  D.   Robert Blake

8. Who is the first SNL cast member to serve as host while still serving as a member of the cast?
  A.   Dana Carvey
  B.   Mike Myers
  C.   Eddie Murphy
  D.   Day Aykroyd

9. What former SNL cast member was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the 1989 film "Chaplin"?
  A.   Dan Aykroyd
  B.   Robert Downey, Jr.
  C.   Terry Sweeney
  D.   Jon Lovitz

10. Which of the following is the only SNL band leader to subsequently host an episode of the show?
  A.   Lenny Pickett
  B.   Paul Shaffer
  C.   Howard Shore
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