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Trivia Quiz - 1980s International Sport

Notable events of international sport during the 80's.

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Date Submitted: February 07, 2009
Quiz Categories: Sports
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Author: grant228
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1980s International Sport
(Image Source: 1988 Olympics)

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1. Which country did Ben Johnson run for at the Seoul Olympics in 1988?
  A.   England
  B.   USA
  C.   Jamaica
  D.   Canada

2. What was the name of the American boat, skippered by Dennis Connor, that lost the America's Cup in 1983?
  A.   Stars and Stripes
  B.   Liberty
  C.   Freedom
  D.   Courageous

3. Which female tennis player won the most Wimbledon titles in the 80's?
  A.   Martina Navratilova
  B.   Chris Evert
  C.   Steffi Graf
  D.   Tracy Austin

4. At which Winter Olympics did Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards first fly and the Jamaican Bobsled team first appear?
  A.   Calgary
  B.   Innsbruck
  C.   Lake Placid
  D.   Sarajevo

5. Who beat Greg Norman in the 1987 Masters with a dramatic chip in?
  A.   Bob Tway
  B.   Larry Mize
  C.   Sandy Lyle
  D.   Ian Woosnam

6. The boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980 was in protest of:
  A.   The Soviets refusal to close gulags
  B.   The war in Afghanistan
  C.   The Soviet downing of a Korean passenger plane
  D.   The abuse of human rights in eastern USSR

7. Which country won the Soccer World Cup in Mexico in 1986?
  A.   Italy
  B.   Argentina
  C.   West Germany
  D.   France

8. In what year did Mike Tyson win the Heavyweight Championship?
  A.   1984
  B.   1986
  C.   1988
  D.   1989

9. The winner of the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 was?
  A.   France
  B.   Australia
  C.   England
  D.   New Zealand

10. At which Olympics did Carl Lewis equal Jesse Owens' four gold medals?
  A.   Moscow
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Seoul
  D.   Barcelona®   

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