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Trivia Quiz - College Football Grab Bag #1

College Football Grab Bag #1

Quiz Number: 309
Date Submitted: January 29, 2006
Quiz Categories: College Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 52 percent
Times Taken: 366 times
Taken by Registered Users: 50

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College Football Grab Bag 1
(Image Source: Wilson Official NCAA Football)

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1. Who was Michigan's coach from 1969-1989?
  A.   Lloyd Carr
  B.   Bo Schembechler
  C.   Woody Hayes
  D.   Lou Holtz

2. For what college did Jim Plunkett play football?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Notre Dame
  C.   California
  D.   Stanford

3. What number did Duke all-American Ace Parker wear?
  A.   5
  B.   6
  C.   7
  D.   8

4. For what college did Joe Namath play football?
  A.   Florida State
  B.   Florida
  C.   Alabama
  D.   Mississippi

5. What player for Navy won the Heisman trophy in 1960?
  A.   Doc Blanchard
  B.   Joe Bellino
  C.   Glen Davis
  D.   Roger Staubach

6. Who was the 1983 Heisman Trophy winner?
  A.   Hershel Walker
  B.   Marcus Allen
  C.   Mike Rozier
  D.   Doug Flutie

7. For what college did quarterback Warren Moon play?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Washington State
  C.   Oregon
  D.   Oregon State

8. For what college football team did Dodger hall of famer Jackie Robinson play?
  A.   Stanford
  B.   USC
  C.   UCLA
  D.   California

9. For what university did NFL receivers Troy Brown and Randy Moss play?
  A.   Tulane
  B.   Cincinnati
  C.   Marshall
  D.   Northern Illinois

10. What number did Columbia all-American Sid Luckman wear?
  A.   42
  B.   43
  C.   44
  D.   45®   

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