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Trivia Quiz - Franklin Roosevelt: Pre-Presidential Facts

More information about this giant of American history before his presidency

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Date Submitted: February 20, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Government
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Franklin D Roosevelt

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Franklin Roosevelt Pre Presidential Facts
(Image Source: Franklin D Roosevelt @ Wikipedia)

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1. What was Franklin Roosevelt's first school?
  A.   Hampshire
  B.   Hastings
  C.   Groton
  D.   Gordon

2. At Harvard, Franklin Roosevelt edited the college paper entitled what?
  A.   Crimson
  B.   Mauve
  C.   Maroon
  D.   Purple

3. Franklin Roosevelt began work as a lawyer with what company?
  A.   General and Major
  B.   Pike, Fisher and Cook
  C.   Dawson and Young
  D.   Carter, Ledyard and Milburn

4. In which month and year did Franklin Roosevelt contract polio?
  A.   August, 1921
  B.   December, 1925
  C.   April, 1918
  D.   June, 1923

5. Franklin Roosevelt was first elected to the New York Senate in:
  A.   1908
  B.   1910
  C.   1912
  D.   1914

6. What post did Franklin Roosevelt hold as part of the Woodrow Wilson administration?
  A.   Secretary of State
  B.   Assisant Secretary for Finance
  C.   Secretary of War
  D.   Assistant Secretary of the Navy

7. Which political insider took a great interest in young Franklin Roosevelt and became his mentor and eventual confidante?
  A.   Louis Howe
  B.   Cordell Hull
  C.   John Nance Garner
  D.   Walter Landau

8. To mark his return to political life following polio, Franklin Roosevelt made the nomination speech for which presidential candidate?
  A.   James Cox
  B.   Alfred Smith
  C.   Anton Cermak
  D.   Calvin Coolidge

9. In 1920, Franklin Roosevelt took up what position with the Fidelity and Deposit Company?
  A.   President
  B.   Vice President
  C.   General Manager
  D.   Legal Advisor

10. Franklin Roosevelt was elected Governor of which state in 1928?
  A.   Vermont
  B.   Massachusetts
  C.   Rhode Island
  D.   New York®   

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