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Trivia Quiz - The Odd Couple TV Series

How much do you know about "The Odd Couple" TV Series?

Quiz Number: 3095
Date Submitted: February 23, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dana
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The Odd Couple TV Series
(Image Source: The Odd Couple Title Card)

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1. In what city did Felix and Oscar live?
  A.   New York City
  B.   Newark, NJ
  C.   Boston, MA
  D.   Philadelphia, PA

2. During the first season of "The Odd Couple," the boys dated two sisters. What was girls' last name?
  A.   Eagle
  B.   Pigeon
  C.   Sandpiper
  D.   Kingfisher

3. Elinor Donahue played the role of Felix's girlfriend. What was the character's name?
  A.   Maria West
  B.   Marion Wenner
  C.   Miriam Welby
  D.   Marcia Wembley

4. Who played the role of Myrna Turner, Oscar's secretary?
  A.   Sally Struthers
  B.   Cindy Williams
  C.   Marcia Wallace
  D.   Penny Marshall

5. What was Oscar's occupation?
  A.   restaurant manager
  B.   sports writer
  C.   football coach
  D.   sporting goods store owner

6. What was Murray's occupation?
  A.   bus driver
  B.   street cleaner
  C.   fireman
  D.   cop

7. In the episode, "The New Car," Oscar wins a new car in a radio contest. Who makes a cameo appearance in this episode?
  A.   Paul Wiliams
  B.   Dick Cavett
  C.   Dick Clark
  D.   Roy Clark

8. Which of the following sports stars NEVER made a guest appearance on "The Odd Couple"?
  A.   Deacon Jones
  B.   Alex Karras
  C.   Don Drysdale
  D.   Billie Jean King

9. Which of the following was NOT one of Oscar's poker player friends?
  A.   Tank
  B.   Speed
  C.   Roy
  D.   Vinnie

10. What was Felix's occupation?
  A.   journalist
  B.   photographer
  C.   artist
  D.   writer®   

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