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Trivia Quiz - Cops By the Numbers

These questions are about the precinct numbers, call numbers, and badge numbers used on many of the classic television police shows. Some of these questions are easy; others are tough. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3108
Date Submitted: March 24, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 37 percent
Times Taken: 184 times
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Cops By the Numbers
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1. The detectives on "Barney Miller" were in what precinct?
  A.   15th
  B.   11th
  C.   12th
  D.   67th

2. The series "Kojak" was set in what precinct?
  A.   12th
  B.   13th
  C.   18th
  D.   9th

3. What precinct did Officers Toody and Muldoon work out of in "Car 54, Where Are You"?
  A.   12th
  B.   13th
  C.   33rd
  D.   53rd

4. What was the badge number of LAPD officer Pete Malloy on "Adam-12"?
  A.   714
  B.   744
  C.   611
  D.   897

5. What TV cop's radio call sign was "Zebra Three"?
  A.   Sonny Crockett
  B.   Joe Friday
  C.   Ken Starsky
  D.   T. J. Hooker

6. In what precinct did Detective Lenny Briscoe work on "Law and Order"?
  A.   7th
  B.   11th
  C.   27th
  D.   37th

7. On the final season of "CHiPS", Officer Frank Poncharello's call sign was changed from Seven-Mary-Four to what?
  A.   Seven-Mary-Six
  B.   Seven-Mary-Seven
  C.   Eight-Mary-Four
  D.   Two-Forty-Robert

8. What was the call sign used by the Los Angeles Police Department on "Dragnet"?
  A.   KMG 365
  B.   KMA 367
  C.   KMA 365
  D.   KMG 367

9. What was the call sign of T.J. Hooker and Andy Romano's police cruiser in "T.J. Hooker"?
  A.   4-Adam-30
  B.   1-Adam-12
  C.   7-Mary 3
  D.   3-Adam-3

10. In what precinct did the detectives in the 1950s-60s series "Naked City" protect and serve?
  A.   38th
  B.   9th
  C.   17th
  D.   65th®   

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