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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities Born on Christmas Day: Part 2

These famous people were all born on Christmas Day.

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Date Submitted: May 13, 2009
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zeppy73
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Celebrities Born on Christmas Day Part 2
(Image Source: Santa Claus @ PeopleQuiz)

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1. This movie star was born in 1899 and was best known for starring in the movie "Casablanca."
  A.   Paul Henreid
  B.   Humphrey Bogart
  C.   Claude Rains
  D.   Sydney Greenstreet

2. This singer was born in Pascagoula and sings with The Coral Reefer Band.
  A.   Don Ho
  B.   Neil Diamond
  C.   Dan Fogelberg
  D.   Jimmy Buffett

3. This nurse, born in 1821, helped organize the Red Cross:
  A.   Florence Nightingale
  B.   Clara Barton
  C.   Margaret Sanger
  D.   Helen Fairchild

4. This legendary TV writer was a paratrooper in World War II:
  A.   Rod Sterling
  B.   Bob Ogle
  C.   Bob Mintz
  D.   Brice Mack

5. Some say this early English physicist was born on Dec. 25 1642 and some record his birth as Jan. 4, 1643:
  A.   Isaac Newton
  B.   Galileo Galilei
  C.   Robert Hooke
  D.   Christian Huygens

6. This actress starred in "Coal Miners Daughter".
  A.   Loretta Lynn
  B.   Susan Sarandon
  C.   Sissy Spacek
  D.   Lauren Hutton

7. This American businessman was born in New Mexico in 1887 and founded a hotel chain.
  A.   William Randolph Hurst
  B.   Conrad Hilton
  C.   J. Paul Getty
  D.   David Sheraton

8. This country singer's first number one hit was "Sleeping Single in a Double Bed".
  A.   Crytal Gayle
  B.   Dolly Parton
  C.   Tany Tucker
  D.   Barbara Mandrell

9. This Major League baseball player was born in 1958 and held the single season stolen base record in 1982.
  A.   Barry Bonds
  B.   Rickey Henderson
  C.   Ozzie Smith
  D.   Tim Raines

10. This American band leader used the catch phrase "Hi-de-ho" in his theme song "Minnie the Moocher".
  A.   Dizzy Gillespie
  B.   Benny Goodman
  C.   Cab Calloway
  D.   Glenn Miller®   

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