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Trivia Quiz - Australian Sporting Facts

A potpourri of Australian sporting achievement!

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Date Submitted: September 12, 2009
Quiz Categories: Sports
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Australian Sporting Facts
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1. Which Australian was the first to win 9 Olympic medals?
  A.   Ian Thorpe
  B.   Dawn Fraser
  C.   Petria Thomas
  D.   Grant Hackett

2. What year was the first City to Surf run?
  A.   1971
  B.   1975
  C.   1977
  D.   1979

3. Who was the first player to score 64 tries for Australia in rugby union tests?
  A.   Michael Lynagh
  B.   David Campese
  C.   Glen Ella
  D.   Tim Horan

4. Who was the first Australian to win the US Open golf title?
  A.   Bruce Crampton
  B.   David Graham
  C.   Wayne Grady
  D.   Craig Parry

5. How many wickets did Shane Warne take in test cricket?
  A.   708
  B.   726
  C.   739
  D.   788

6. At which games did Arthur Tunstall criticize Cathy Freman for waving the Aboriginal flag?
  A.   Atlanta 1996
  B.   Kuala Lumpur 1998
  C.   Seville 1999
  D.   Victoria, Canada 1994

7. Which Australian was the second person in the world to break the four minute mile?
  A.   Herb Elliott
  B.   Ron Clarke
  C.   John Landy
  D.   Ralph Doubell

8. In what year did the Sydney Swans win their AFL title?
  A.   2004
  B.   2005
  C.   2006
  D.   2007

9. Which club won the first rugby league premiership in 1908?
  A.   Newtown
  B.   South Sydney
  C.   Glebe
  D.   Western Suburbs

10. Who captained the Australian netball team immediately prior to Liz Ellis?
  A.   Sharelle McMahon
  B.   Cathy Cox
  C.   Katherine Harby-Williams
  D.   Vicki Wilson®   

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