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Trivia Quiz - Donna Douglas: American Character Actress

Questions on the career of Donna Douglas, with a couple of personal questions thrown in

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Date Submitted: October 06, 2009
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Quiz is about: Donna Douglas

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Donna Douglas American Character Actress
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1. What was the birth name of Donna Douglas?
  A.   Debra Mabes
  B.   Dorothy Smith
  C.   Denise Harris
  D.   Diane Hopkins

2. Where did Donna Douglas grow up?
  A.   Louisiana
  B.   Georgia
  C.   Tennessee
  D.   Florida

3. Donna Douglas started a career as a model advertising what type of product?
  A.   shampoo
  B.   aspirin
  C.   hand lotion
  D.   toothpaste

4. Donna Douglas was featured as the "Letters Girl" on what show?
  A.   The Perry Como Show
  B.   The Steve Allen Show
  C.   The Ed Sullivan Show
  D.   The Dick Cavett Show

5. What was the title of the episode of The Twilight Zone that Donna Douglas appeared in?
  A.   Time Enough At Last
  B.   The Eye of the Beholder
  C.   The After Hours
  D.   Walking Distance

6. How many seasons did Donna Douglas star in The Beverly Hillbillies?
  A.   5
  B.   7
  C.   9
  D.   10

7. After The Beverly Hillbillies went off the air, what business did Donna Douglas go into?
  A.   advertising
  B.   teaching
  C.   writing
  D.   real estate

8. What film did Donna Douglas star in with Elvis Presley?
  A.   Love Me Tender
  B.   Frankie and Johnny
  C.   King Creole
  D.   The Trouble With Girls

9. Donna Douglas declined a part on what soap opera?
  A.   Santa Barbara
  B.   Days of Our Lives
  C.   The Guiding Light
  D.   All My Children

10. As of 2009, how many times had Donna Douglas been married?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5®   

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