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Trivia Quiz - Eddie Vedder: Great Musician!

What do you know about Eddie Vedder?

Quiz Number: 3239
Date Submitted: October 09, 2009
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 71.7 percent
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Quiz is about: Eddie Vedder

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Eddie Vedder Great Musician
(Image Source: Eddie Vedder @ Photo Bucket)

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1. Eddie Vedder is the lead singer for what band?
  A.   .38 Special
  B.   Pearl Jam
  C.   The Clash
  D.   The Snuggle Buddies

2. Eddie Vedder released his first solo album in 2007, what was its title?
  A.   Electric Rodeo
  B.   Montana Cafe
  C.   Into The Wild
  D.   Societies Misfits

3. What was Eddie Vedder's birth name?
  A.   Edward Harlan Vedderson
  B.   Eddie Vincent Harlan
  C.   Edward Louis Severson III
  D.   Mark Edward Vedder

4. What pseudonym does Eddie Vedder use for his non-musical contributions to his band's albums?
  A.   Jerome Turner
  B.   Ceasar Milton
  C.   Harlan Hayes
  D.   Tommy Tucker

5. Eddie Vedder made a cameo appearance in what 1992 movie?
  A.   The Fugative
  B.   The Firm
  C.   Singles
  D.   Schindler's List

6. In his spare time Eddie Vedder likes to do what?
  A.   surf
  B.   hunt
  C.   drag race in NHRA events
  D.   enter team roping events

7. Who talked Eddie Vedder out of retiring in 1993?
  A.   Waylon Jennings
  B.   Bob Dylan
  C.   Ringo Starr
  D.   Pete Townshend

8. Eddie Vedder is a fan of what city's NBA and MLB teams?
  A.   Los Angeles
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Seattle
  D.   Pittsburgh

9. Eddie Vedder was arrested on Nov. 18, 1993 in New Orleans, Louisiana for what?
  A.   littering
  B.   J-Walking
  C.   Drunkeness and disturbing the peace
  D.   possession of marijuana

10. What does Eddie Vedder have tattooed on his right calf?
  A.   An earth first logo of a monkey wrench crossed with a stone hammer
  B.   a 4-leaf clover
  C.   the Japanese symbol for poverty
  D.   a Grateful Dead bear®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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