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Trivia Quiz - Mario Lopez: Teen Idol and Star!

What do you know about Mario Lopez?

Quiz Number: 3278
Date Submitted: November 30, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 42.8 percent
Times Taken: 36 times
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Quiz is about: Mario Lopez

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Mario Lopez Teen Idol and Star
(Image Source: Mario Lopez @ Haircuts for Men)

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1. What character did Mario Lopez play in the TV series, "Saved by the Bell"? (1989-1993)
  A.   Zack Morris
  B.   "Screech" Powers
  C.   Richard Belding
  D.   A.C. Slater

2. In 2004, Mario Lopez married Ali Landry, Miss USA 1996. They were only married for two weeks. What happened?
  A.   he filed for divorce
  B.   she filed for divorce
  C.   she had the marriage annulled over his alleged infidelities committed by Lopez during the relationship
  D.   irreconcilable differences

3. In 2006, Mario Lopez starred as Dr. Christian Ramirez on what daytime soap opera?
  A.   General Hospital
  B.   The Bold and the Beautiful
  C.   As the World Turns
  D.   All My Children

4. From 2002-2005, Mario Lopez hosted a popular talent show for pets on the Animal Planet channel. What was the name of the show?
  A.   Pet Star
  B.   America's Top Pet
  C.   America's Cutest Puppies
  D.   Miracle Pets

5. What character did Mario Lopez play in the 2000 horror movie "A Crack in the Floor"?
  A.   Lehman
  B.   Tyler Trout
  C.   Sheriff Talmidge
  D.   Floyd Fryed

6. In 2006, Mario Lopez was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." Who was his professional dance partner?
  A.   Elena Grinenko
  B.   Kym Johnson
  C.   Cheryl Burke
  D.   Karina Smirnoff

7. What Olympic diver did Mario Lopez portray in the 1997 television movie "Breaking the Surface"?
  A.   Bruce Kimball
  B.   Greg Louganis
  C.   Mark Ruiz
  D.   Patrick Jeffrey

8. Which of the following TV reality shows has Mario Lopez NEVER hosted?
  A.   Name Your Adventure
  B.   The Other Half
  C.   Next Action Star
  D.   America's Best Dance Crew

9. For which of the following pageants did Mario Lopez first serve as host?
  A.   Miss Universe
  B.   Miss America
  C.   Miss Teen USA
  D.   Miss USA

10. In 2007, Mario Lopez became an official supporter and celebrity board member for which popular charity?
  A.   Ronald McDonald House Charities
  B.   Boys Town
  C.   Goodwill Industries
  D.   Habitat for Humanity International®   

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