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Trivia Quiz - Ann-Margret: Career Highlights

What can you say about Ann-Margret? She's a living legend!

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Date Submitted: December 07, 2009
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Ann Margret

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Ann Margret Career Highlights
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1. Ann-Margret won the Golden Laurel "Top Female Musical Performance Award" in 1963 for her performance in what movie?
  A.   State Fair
  B.   Bye Bye Birdie
  C.   Viva Las Vegas
  D.   Pocketful of Miracles

2. Ann-Margret sang "Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?" at the private birthday party of what U.S. President?
  A.   Dwight D. Eisenhower
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   John Kennedy
  D.   Bill Clinton

3. Ann-Margret met her eventual husband, Roger Smith, while working on the set of what 1965 movie?
  A.   Stagecoach
  B.   Made in Paris
  C.   The Cincinnati Kid
  D.   Once a Thief

4. Her performance in what 1972 movie earned Ann-Margret her first-ever Academy Award nomination?
  A.   The Train Robbers
  B.   The Outside Man
  C.   Carnal Knowledge
  D.   Tommy

5. Ann-Margret had an accident in 1972, rendering her unable to work for 10 weeks. What happened?
  A.   car accident
  B.   fell from stage
  C.   thrown from a horse
  D.   fell down stairs

6. What character did Ann-Margret play in the 2006 movie "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause"?
  A.   Mrs. Sylvia Newman
  B.   Laura Miller
  C.   Mother Nature
  D.   Mrs. Claus / Carol Newman-Calvin

7. Which of the following songs were NOT performed by Ann-Margret in The Who's 1975 musical, "Tommy"?
  A.   Do You Think It's Alright?
  B.   Go to the Mirror
  C.   Tommy, Can You Hear Me?
  D.   Acid Queen

8. In 2001, Ann-Margret starred in her first stage musical in a touring production of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." What role did she play?
  A.   Jewel
  B.   Angel
  C.   Doasty Mae
  D.   Mona Strangley

9. What is the name of Ann-Margret's 1994 autobiography?
  A.   Ann-Margret: My Story
  B.   Ann-Margret: All About Me
  C.   Ann-Margret: The Best of Me
  D.   Ann-Margret: Tales Told

10. In 1963, Ann-Margret guest starred in the animated TV series "The Flintstones" voicing Ann-Margrock, an animated version of herself. What lullaby did she sing to the infant Pebbles Flintstone?
  A.   Rock a Bye Baby
  B.   Hush Little Baby
  C.   Sleep, Sleep, My Little One
  D.   The Littlest Lamb®   

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