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Trivia Quiz - Greek God Counterparts

Provide the Greek opposites of these Roman gods and goddesses.

Quiz Number: 3301
Date Submitted: January 02, 2010
Quiz Categories: Literature, Fictional Characters, World Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: grant228
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Greek God Counterparts
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1. Mercury - Messenger of the gods
  A.   Apollo
  B.   Hermes
  C.   Ares
  D.   Kronos

2. Venus - Goddess of love
  A.   Aphrodite
  B.   Cupid
  C.   Athene
  D.   Artemis

3. Ceres - Goddess of crops
  A.   Artemis
  B.   Demeter
  C.   Hera
  D.   Hestia

4. Pluto - God of the Underworld
  A.   Charon
  B.   Styx
  C.   Hades
  D.   Liber

5. Saturn - God of sowing and time
  A.   Pan
  B.   Eros
  C.   Kronos
  D.   Ares

6. Diana - Goddess of hunting
  A.   Demeter
  B.   Hestia
  C.   Aphrodite
  D.   Artemis

7. Apollo - God of healing, poetry and music
  A.   Dionysis
  B.   Pan
  C.   Eros
  D.   Apollo

8. Vulcan - God of fire and the forge
  A.   Ares
  B.   Hermes
  C.   Hephaistos
  D.   Pan

9. Neptune - God of the sea
  A.   Poseidon
  B.   Kronos
  C.   Dionysis
  D.   Artemis

10. Minerva - Goddess of wisdom
  A.   Asklepios
  B.   Ares
  C.   Athene
  D.   Aphrodite®   

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