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Trivia Quiz - Stephen Fry: British Actor & Comedian

How much do you know about actor and comedian, Stephen Fry?

Quiz Number: 3306
Date Submitted: January 05, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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Times Taken: 15 times
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Quiz is about: Stephen Fry

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Stephen Fry British Actor  Comedian
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1. At the age of fifteen, Stephen Fry was expelled from which of the following schools?
  A.   Uppingham School
  B.   Cawston Primary School
  C.   Stouts Hill Preparatory School
  D.   North Walsham High School

2. Where did Stephen Fry meet his future comedy collaborator, Hugh Laurie?
  A.   University Challenge
  B.   Norfolk College of Arts and Technology
  C.   Cambridge Footlights
  D.   City College Norwich

3. What role does Stephen Fry play in the 2001 movie, "Gosford Park"?
  A.   Alan Bates
  B.   Inspector Thompson
  C.   Constable Dexter
  D.   Michael Gambon

4. Stephen Fry claims to hold the UK record for what?
  A.   running across the stage naked
  B.   most times punching an interviewer in the face
  C.   most interviews
  D.   for saying the word "f*ck" the most times on a live television broadcast

5. Stephen Fry has made many guest appearances on which of the following shows?
  A.   Bones
  B.   House M.D.
  C.   Standoff
  D.   Doll House

6. To what web site was Stephen Fry referring when he said, "I like to find out that I died, and that I'm currently in a ballet in China, and all the other very accurate and important things that it brings us"?
  A.   People Magazine
  B.   Wikipedia
  C.   TV Land
  D.   Rotten Tomatoes

7. In what song does it say "thou shalt not question Stephen Fry".
  A.   "Thou Shalt Always Kill"
  B.   "Cry Me A River"
  C.   "Am I Alright"
  D.   "Don't Let Me Get Me"

8. When Stephen Fry's Twitter account reached 1,000,000 follows, he released a humorous video blog in which a "Step Hen Fry' clone speaks from the year 2034. What does the clone talk about?
  A.   How Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook combined to be "Twit on MyFace"
  B.   Redneck Banking
  C.   Introducing The Nut Bra
  D.   The Scottish Star Trek

9. Top Gear 2009 host Jeremy Clarkson jokingly asked of Stephen Fry, "Where's the rest of you"? What was he referring to?
  A.   His weight
  B.   Where his partner was at
  C.   He was olding a piece of cardboard covering half of him up
  D.   When answering didn't seem like he was all there.

10. Stephen Fry received an honorary doctorate from what college?
  A.   University of St. Andrews
  B.   United College
  C.   St. Mary's College
  D.   University of Dundee®   

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