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Trivia Quiz - What's the Link Between These Famous People?

Find the common thread that links the following partners.

Quiz Number: 3405
Date Submitted: June 11, 2010
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Whats the Link Between These Famous People
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1. Harry Truman and Bill Clinton shared what common link?
  A.   Both born in Arkansas
  B.   Both trained as lawyers
  C.   Only had one daughter
  D.   Were accomplished piano players

2. What common factor did Theodore Roosevelt and Jim Henson share?
  A.   They were both born in New York
  B.   They both created a Kermit
  C.   Both pursued big game hunting
  D.   Died aged 53

3. Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie Kennedy have what common attribute?
  A.   They only have one sister as a sibling.
  B.   They married in 1953
  C.   They were born in 1929
  D.   They married a Greek

4. Apart from being presidents of the USA, what link did Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford share?
  A.   They were both impeached
  B.   They were governors of their home states
  C.   They were born with different names
  D.   They were accomplished saxophone players

5. Isaac Newton and Hans Christian Andersen had what common link?
  A.   They both died virgins
  B.   They died in the same year
  C.   They were vegetarians
  D.   Their mothers were both named Elizabeth

6. Apart from being mortal enemies, Napoleon Bonaparte and The Duke of Wellington shared what?
  A.   They both kept their virginity until their 30s
  B.   They enjoyed making love to the 1812 Overture
  C.   They suffered wounds to their genitals
  D.   They had sexual relations with the same French actress

7. General George S Patton and Princess Anne would not appear to have much in common. What attribute did they share?
  A.   Their fathers' name was Phillip
  B.   They represented their countries at the Olympics
  C.   They were accomplished Latin scholars
  D.   Both believed in reincarnation

8. General George S Patton and Charles, The Prince of Wales had what common bond?
  A.   Both played competitive polo
  B.   Both married ladies named Diana
  C.   They were born on November 14
  D.   They had a son named Harry

9. George W. Bush and Leonid Breshnev have what common trait?
  A.   Their fathers were leaders of their homelands
  B.   They invaded Afghanistan
  C.   They were born in territories called "Georgia"
  D.   They had twin daughters

10. Mark Twain and Winston Churchill shared what?
  A.   They were born the year Halley's comet arrived
  B.   Both ran away from home aged 10
  C.   Both enjoyed landscape painting
  D.   They shared the birthday of November 30®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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