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Trivia Quiz - Phyllis Diller: Stand-Up Comedy Genius!

What do you know about the zany Phyllis Diller? I love that signature cigarette holder!

Quiz Number: 3417
Date Submitted: June 29, 2010
Quiz Categories: Comedians
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 55.4 percent
Times Taken: 69 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7
Quiz is about: Phyllis Diller

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Phyllis Diller Stand Up Comedy Genius
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons: Phyllis Diller)

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1. Who was Phyllis Diller's make believe husband about whom she would often joke?
  A.   Fang
  B.   Claw
  C.   Snarl
  D.   Crow

2. An urban legend has been passed along for years that Phyllis Diller is the mother of what day time TV actress?
  A.   Jacklyn Zeman
  B.   Judith Light
  C.   Genie Francis
  D.   Susan Lucci

3. What is the name of Phyllis' 2005 autobiography?
  A.   A Stage, Some Wacky Hair and a Cigarette
  B.   You Can't Have a Good Day with Wet Socks
  C.   Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse
  D.   Funny as She Goes!

4. What voice does Diller provide in the animated TV show, "Family Guy"?
  A.   Meg Griffin
  B.   Lois Griffin
  C.   Thelma Griffin
  D.   Meg Griffin

5. Phyllis is an student and player of what musical instrument?
  A.   flute
  B.   piano
  C.   clarinet
  D.   violin

6. What voice did Diller provide in the animated TV show, "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"?
  A.   Jimmy's grandmother
  B.   Judy Neutron
  C.   Ms. Fowl
  D.   Cindy Vortex

7. What celebrity invited Phyllis Diller to perform with him in his USO troupe during the Vietnam War?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Bing Crosby
  C.   Irving Berlin
  D.   Bob Hope

8. What voice did Diller provide in the animated movie, "Bug's Life"?
  A.   Rosie, the black widow spider
  B.   Queen of the Ant Colony
  C.   Gypsy, the gypsy moth
  D.   Doctor Flora, the nurse of Ant Island

9. On what TV game show was Phyllis Diller a recurring panelist from 1976-1980?
  A.   Truth or Consequences
  B.   Password
  C.   The Gong Show
  D.   I've Got a Secret

10. On what daytime television series did Phyllis Diller appear as a recurring character from 1995-2004?
  A.   Days of Our Lives
  B.   One Life to Live
  C.   General Hospital
  D.   The Bold and the Beautiful®   

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