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Trivia Quiz - Earle Page: 11th Australian Prime Minister

What do you know about Sir Earle Page? He was either the 11th Australian Prime Minister or the 15th Australian Prime Minister, depending on how you count.

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Date Submitted: August 16, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Earle Page

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Earle Page 11th Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Earle Page)

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1. In what state was Earle Page born and raised?
  A.   New South Wales
  B.   Queensland
  C.   Victoria
  D.   Tasmania

2. Earle Page graduated from the University of Sydney in 1901 with a degree in what area of study?
  A.   dentistry
  B.   law
  C.   medicine
  D.   history

3. Page was a strong believer in orthodox finance and conservative policies except where the welfare of whom was concerned?
  A.   home builders
  B.   ship yard workers
  C.   steel workers
  D.   farmers

4. What was the first federal political office held by Earle Page?
  A.   Treasurer of Australia
  B.   Minister for Commerce
  C.   Minister for Health
  D.   Minister for Defence

5. Earle Page was the leader of what political party from 1922-1939?
  A.   Labor
  B.   United Australia
  C.   Country
  D.   Free Trade

6. Earle Page was elevated to caretaker PM in 1939 following the death of what sitting Prime Minister?
  A.   Stanley Bruce
  B.   Robert Menzies
  C.   Joseph Lyons
  D.   Billy Hughes

7. Page was the first Prime Minister to serve:
  A.   less than one year
  B.   less than 6 months
  C.   less than one month
  D.   less than one week

8. In 1949, Page proposed:
  A.   bidding to host the Olympics in Australia
  B.   redrawing the state boundaries
  C.   redrawing the electoral divisions in New South Wales
  D.   doubling the size of the Australian military

9. Page was the first chancellor of what university?
  A.   Southern Cross University
  B.   University of New England
  C.   University of Newcastle
  D.   University of Wollongong

10. Earle Page held his Australian Electoral seat in New South Wales for over 40 years. What electoral division did he represent?
  A.   Page
  B.   Paterson
  C.   Lyne
  D.   Cowper®   

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