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Trivia Quiz - William Morris (Billy) Hughes: 7th Australian Prime Minister

A quiz on Australia'a political chameleon known to most as "The Little Digger".

Quiz Number: 3476
Date Submitted: October 04, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: William M Hughes

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William Morris (Billy) Hughes 7th Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Billy Hughes @ Wikipedia)

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1. Like many of Australia's early prime ministers, Hughes was born overseas. What was the country of his birth?
  A.   England
  B.   Scotland
  C.   Wales
  D.   South Africa

2. After emigrating to Australia in 1884, Hughes quickly involved himself in organized labour becoming national president of which union?
  A.   Amalgamated Shearers Union
  B.   Coal Miners Union
  C.   Waterside Workers Union
  D.   Locomotive Drivers Union

3. Hughes was elected to the first federal parliament in 1901 representing which party?
  A.   Nationalist
  B.   Free Trade
  C.   Protectionist
  D.   Labour

4. What personal tragedy befell Hughes in 1906?
  A.   The death of his daughter, Helen
  B.   The death of his wife, Elizabeth
  C.   The death of his wife, Mary
  D.   The death of twins at birth

5. Hughes became prime minister in 1915 following the resignation of which Labor prime minister due to ill health?
  A.   Alfred Deakin
  B.   Joseph Cook
  C.   Andrew Fisher
  D.   Chris Watson

6. Hughes was expelled from the Labor Party in 1916 following his walkout with 24 other Labor parliamentarians. He remained as prime minister leading which party?
  A.   Protectionist
  B.   National Labor
  C.   Country
  D.   Federationist

7. On which issue did Hughes lose two referendum questions he fought fervently for?
  A.   Australia's continued participation in World War I
  B.   Conscription
  C.   National Health Scheme
  D.   Australia becoming a republic

8. Apart from being expelled from the Labor Party, in how many other parties did Hughes suffer a similar fate?
  A.   one
  B.   two
  C.   three
  D.   four

9. Hughes resigned the prime ministership in 1923 when he lost the support of which coalition partner?
  A.   Country Party
  B.   Liberal Party
  C.   Labor Party
  D.   Federalists

10. Hughes was a sitting member when he died in 1952 aged 90. For how many years had he been a member of federal parliament?
  A.   Over 30 years
  B.   Over 40 years
  C.   Over 50 years
  D.   Over 60 years®   

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