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Trivia Quiz - Richard Dreyfuss: Career Highlights

Questions about Richard Dreyfuss's Career. Film roles, awards, years, Broadway, and who he starred with.

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Date Submitted: October 24, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Richard Dreyfuss

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Richard Dreyfuss Career Highlights
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1. What was Richard Dreyfuss' one and only line in "The Graduate"?
  A.   He said that.
  B.   Shall I get the cops? I'll get the cops.
  C.   I'll get your bags
  D.   It's about 5 blocks that way

2. Which of the following actors was NOT in "American Graffiti" with Richard Dreyfuss?
  A.   Ron Howard
  B.   Penny Marshall
  C.   Harrison Ford
  D.   Cindy Williams

3. In what film did Dreyfuss play his first lead role?
  A.   What About Bob?
  B.   Valley of the Dolls
  C.   The Goodbye Girl
  D.   The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

4. Which actor starred in "Stakeout" with Richard Dreyfuss?
  A.   Robin Williams
  B.   Charlie Sheen
  C.   Emilio Estevez
  D.   Dustin Hoffman

5. For what film did Richard Dreyfuss win his first Academy Award for Best Actor?
  A.   The Goodbye Girl
  B.   Jaws
  C.   American Graffiti
  D.   Close Encounters of the Third Kind

6. In which of the following movies did Richard Dreyfuss appear with Bill Murray?
  A.   What about Bob?
  B.   Down and Out in Beverly Hills
  C.   Stakeout
  D.   Jaws

7. At one point in his career, Richard Dreyfuss was noted for what achievement?
  A.   Youngest actor to star on Broadway
  B.   Youngest person to direct a film
  C.   Youngest person to produce a major motion picture
  D.   Youngest actor to win the Academy Award for best actor

8. "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" was released under Disney's Touchstone label and has what distinction?
  A.   First Disney film to mix real film and animation
  B.   First R rated Disney subsidiary film
  C.   First Disney film to be made in less than 6 months
  D.   First Disney project to lose more than $100M

9. What show, featuring Nathan Lane, had originally cast Dreyfuss in the role?
  A.   The Producers
  B.   MouseHunt
  C.   Trumbo
  D.   Swing Vote

10. Richard provided his voice for a promotional campaign in the late 90s. For what technology company did he work?
  A.   HP
  B.   IBM
  C.   Microsoft
  D.   Apple®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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