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Trivia Quiz - The Rockford Files: The Series Basics

See what you know about "The Rockford Files"!

Quiz Number: 3506
Date Submitted: October 27, 2010
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 65.7 percent
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The Rockford Files The Series Basics
(Image Source: The Rockford Files)

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1. What was Jim Rockford's full name?
  A.   James Scott Rockford
  B.   James Joseph Rockford
  C.   Thomas James Rockford
  D.   Marian James Rockford

2. Complete the message on Rockford's answering machine: "This is Jim Rockford, at the tone leave your name and message__ ___ ___ ___ ___".
  A.   And I'll return your call
  B.   I'll get back to you
  C.   Maybe I'll call you back
  D.   and probably your phone number

3. How much did Jim Rockford charge for his investigative services?
  A.   $100 per day plus expenses
  B.   $150 per day plus gas costs
  C.   $200 per day plus expenses
  D.   $250 per day plus food and lodging

4. Which actor played Rockford's ex-cell mate and pal, Angel Martin?
  A.   Jack Lord
  B.   Joe Santos
  C.   Stuart Margolin
  D.   Noah Beery, Jr.

5. Though wrongfully convicted of a crime, (armed robbery) in what prison did Jim Rockford serve time?
  A.   Alcatraz
  B.   San Quentin
  C.   Devil's Island
  D.   Folsom State

6. What was Jim Rockford's phone number? (Shown on the phone at the beginning of each show)
  A.   555-2368
  B.   555-1212
  C.   555-7000
  D.   555-1111

7. Which actor made two appearances as Private Investigator, Lance White? He would go on to star in his own successful series.
  A.   Peter Falk
  B.   Tom Selleck
  C.   William Shatner
  D.   David Soul

8. What was the name of the restaurant near Rockford's trailer?
  A.   The Sandcastle
  B.   The Cove
  C.   Seaside Deli
  D.   The Sand Dollar

9. Where did Jim Rockford keep his gun when not in use?
  A.   oven
  B.   cookie jar
  C.   safe
  D.   toilet tank

10. We know Rockford drove a Pontiac Firebird Esprit, but what was the license plate number of the vehicle?
  A.   JR111
  B.   ROCK73
  C.   99HGB
  D.   853OKG®   

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