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Trivia Quiz - Sons of Anarchy: Biker Gang Soap Opera

How much do you know about the FX Network's hit series about a California biker gang?

Quiz Number: 3508
Date Submitted: October 27, 2010
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 88.4 percent
Times Taken: 330 times
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Sons of Anarchy Biker Gang Soap Opera
(Image Source: "Sons of Anarchy")

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1. In what fictional California town is the "Sons of Anarchy" based?
  A.   Bountiful
  B.   Redwood
  C.   Vista Valley
  D.   Charming

2. The Sons of Anarchy are commonly referred to as SAMCRO. What does it stand for?
  A.   Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club-Redondo Outcasts
  B.   Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club-Redwood Originals
  C.   Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club-Real Outlaws
  D.   Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club-Renegade One Percenters

3. What member of the Sons of Anarchy serves as its Sergeant at Arms?
  A.   Clay
  B.   Chibs
  C.   Tig
  D.   Bobby Elvis

4. What happened to Jax Teller's son Abel at the conclusion of the second season of "Sons of Anarchy"?
  A.   He was kidnapped by one of the gang's IRA contacts
  B.   He was killed in a shootout between the gang and ATF
  C.   He was critically injured while riding a motorcycle with Jax
  D.   He was accidentally run over by Clay at a biker rally

5. The Sons of Anarchy sell guns to a street gang called the 1-9'ers. On what other FX program was that gang featured?
  A.   It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  B.   Terriers
  C.   Rescue Me
  D.   The Shield

6. Series creator Kurt Sutter plays a recurring role in "Sons of Anarchy" as what gang member serving time in prison?
  A.   Big Otto
  B.   Half Sack
  C.   Darby
  D.   Juice

7. Who is Jax's best friend in the gang?
  A.   Chibs
  B.   Opie
  C.   Piney
  D.   Juice

8. Which two members of the "Sons of Anarchy" are not played by American actors?
  A.   Clay and Piney
  B.   Jax and Opie
  C.   Opie and Clay
  D.   Chibs and Jax

9. What is the name of the Latino motorcycle gang that is the Sons of Anarchy's main rivals?
  A.   Diablos
  B.   Latin Lords
  C.   El Gatos
  D.   Mayans

10. Gang member Half Sack got his name because he lost one of his testicles. How did he lose it?
  A.   Injured while serving with the Marines in Iraq
  B.   In a motorcycle accident
  C.   In a shootout with the ATF
  D.   Injured after being attacked by a jealous ex-girlfriend®   

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