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Trivia Quiz - Paul Giamatti: American Actor

What do you know about actor Paul Giamatti?

Quiz Number: 3510
Date Submitted: October 27, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 49.3 percent
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Quiz is about: Paul Giamatti

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Paul Giamatti American Actor
(Image Source: Paul Giamatti Photo Credit to Karon Liu)

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1. Paul Giamatti had been cast as which Stooge in the yet to be released Farrelly brothers film based on "The Three Stooges"?
  A.   Moe
  B.   Larry
  C.   Curly
  D.   Shemp

2. Paul Giamatti lent his voice talents to what animated film?
  A.   Toy Story 2
  B.   The Ant Bully
  C.   Over The Hedge
  D.   A Bugs Life

3. Paul Giamatti has done commercial voice over work for what mega sports company?
  A.   Puma
  B.   Reebok
  C.   Nike
  D.   Adidas

4. While attending Yale University, Giamatti was elected to what secret organization?
  A.   The Knights of the Golden Circle
  B.   The Sons of Liberty
  C.   The Thule Society
  D.   Skull & Bones Society

5. Giamatti won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie." For which film did he win it?
  A.   The Show
  B.   John Adams
  C.   The Pentagon Papers
  D.   New York News

6. Giamatti's father served as the commissioner of what professional sport?
  A.   MLB
  B.   NFL
  C.   NHL
  D.   NBA

7. One of Giamatti's first breakout roles was in the 1997 film "Private Parts", which chronicled the life of what famous radio D.J.?
  A.   Casey Kasem
  B.   Howard Stern
  C.   Wolfman Jack
  D.   Rush Limbaugh

8. What is Paul Giamatti's religious preference?
  A.   Jewish
  B.   Catholic
  C.   Atheist
  D.   Scientologist

9. In the film "Sideways", Giamatti plays wine connoisseur, Miles Raymond. What is his character's wine of choice?
  A.   Pinot Grigio
  B.   Merlot
  C.   Pino Noir
  D.   Cabernet Sauvignon

10. In which film was Giamatti nominated for a Golden Globe for "Best Supporting Actor"?
  A.   Man on the Moon
  B.   Cinderella Man
  C.   Saving Private Ryan
  D.   American Splendor®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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