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Trivia Quiz - More Cowbell Part I: Songs Featuring The Cowbell

Can you guess the group that performed the song that featured a cowbell?

Quiz Number: 3536
Date Submitted: November 11, 2010
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 69.5 percent
Times Taken: 22 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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More Cowbell Part I Songs Featuring The Cowbell
(Image Source: More Cowbell!)

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1. Down On The Corner:
  A.   Credence Clearwater Revival
  B.   Cream
  C.   Boston
  D.   Kansas

2. Photograph:
  A.   Foghat
  B.   Def Leppard
  C.   Aerosmith
  D.   Van Halen

3. Mississippi Queen:
  A.   Lynyrd Skynyrd
  B.   .38 Special
  C.   Molly Hatchet
  D.   Mountain

4. (Don't Fear) The Reaper:
  A.   Black Sabbath
  B.   Blue Oyster Cult
  C.   White Stripes
  D.   Green Day

5. Hair of The Dog:
  A.   Fleetwood Mac
  B.   Grateful Dead
  C.   Nazareth
  D.   Genesis

6. Susie Q:
  A.   Dale Hawkins
  B.   Chuck Berry
  C.   The Everly Brothers
  D.   Van Morrison

7. Low Rider:
  A.   Santana
  B.   Allman Brothers
  C.   War
  D.   Traffic

8. Honkey Tonk Woman
  A.   The Doors
  B.   The Byrds
  C.   The Rolling Stones
  D.   The Who

9. Drive My Car:
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Cars
  C.   ZZ Top
  D.   Moody Blues

10. We Didn't Start The Fire:
  A.   Elton John
  B.   REM
  C.   Billy Joel
  D.   David Bowie®   

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