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Trivia Quiz - College and University Mascot Nicknames: Part I

Can you name the team nickname or mascot associated with the given college or university?

Quiz Number: 3545
Date Submitted: November 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Sports, Colleges & Universities
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 54.1 percent
Times Taken: 149 times
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College and University Mascot Nicknames Part I
(Image Source: NCAA Mascots)

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1. Boise State University (Boise, Idaho):
  A.   Bulldogs
  B.   Broncos
  C.   Bengals
  D.   Bison

2. Iowa State University (Ames, Iowa):
  A.   Vikings
  B.   Cyclones
  C.   Crusaders
  D.   Hawkeyes

3. Illinois State University (Normal, Illinois):
  A.   Knights
  B.   Vandals
  C.   Redbirds
  D.   Cardinals

4. Miami University (Oxford, Ohio):
  A.   RedHawks
  B.   Hurricanes
  C.   Panthers
  D.   Huskies

5. Pepperdine University (Malibu, California):
  A.   Pilots
  B.   Peregrines
  C.   Rams
  D.   Waves

6. Sacramento State University (Sacramento, California):
  A.   Hornets
  B.   Kings
  C.   Coyotes
  D.   Saints

7. Slippery Rock University (Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania):
  A.   Raptors
  B.   The Rock
  C.   Ramblers
  D.   The Roadrunners

8. St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minnesota):
  A.   Oles
  B.   Owls
  C.   Ospreys
  D.   Ostrich

9. Washington State University (Pullman, Washington):
  A.   Regents
  B.   Cougars
  C.   Pioneers
  D.   Hilltoppers

10. University of Richmond (Richmond, Virginia):
  A.   Spiders
  B.   Chargers
  C.   Bearcats
  D.   Riverhawks®   

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