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Trivia Quiz - August Rush

This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. "August Rush" is a sweet, moving, feel-good film that I wish the whole world could see. If you're a fan, take my quiz and see what you remember. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3582
Date Submitted: November 21, 2010
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 48 percent
Times Taken: 445 times
Taken by Registered Users: 4

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August Rush
(Image Source: August Rush)

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1. On what type of guitar did August learn to play?
  A.   Fender
  B.   Gibson
  C.   Lakewood
  D.   Yamaha

2. Where did Evan (aka August) grow up?
  A.   The Jeffries State Home for Boys
  B.   The Good Samaritan Children's Home
  C.   New York Children's Home
  D.   Walden County Home for Boys

3. What did Louis do when he was a boy?
  A.   believe in fairy tales
  B.   follow the music
  C.   listen to the wind
  D.   talk to the moon

4. What did Arthur call his guitar?
  A.   Citizen
  B.   Lizzie
  C.   Jennifer
  D.   Roxanne

5. What was Wizard's real name?
  A.   Arthur Connelly
  B.   Maxwell Wallace
  C.   Nick Marshall
  D.   Wallace Maxwell

6. Which of the following did Wizard NOT tell August about music?
  A.   It's God's little reminder there's something else besides us in the universe.
  B.   It's a harmonic connection between all living things everywhere.
  C.   Only special people understand it.
  D.   You have to love it more than food, life, or yourself.

7. From whom did August learn to read music?
  A.   his parents
  B.   the teachers at Julliard
  C.   Hope, the little girl at the church
  D.   Wizard

8. What did August call his the musical composition which was played in the concert?
  A.   August's Allegro Staccato Rhapsody
  B.   August's Diminished Fifth Symphony
  C.   The Rise of the Oboes
  D.   August's Rhapsody in C Major

9. What was the official title of the concert in which August's music was performed?
  A.   Concert in Central Park
  B.   Legends and Newcomers Concert in the Park
  C.   Concert Under the Stars
  D.   New York Philharmonic's Annual Concert in the Park

10. How did Wizard find out that August was at Julliard?
  A.   Arthur found out and told Wizard.
  B.   He saw a sign in Central Park with August's name on it.
  C.   He tracked August down through the church.
  D.   Wizard happened to see him in concert.®   

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