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Trivia Quiz - The Shawshank Redemption: The Basics

See what you know about the incredible film, "The Shawshank Redemption."

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Date Submitted: November 24, 2010
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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The Shawshank Redemption The Basics
(Image Source: The Shawshank Redemption Movie Poster)

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1. Tim Robbins' character, Andy Dufresne, is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in prison. For what crime is he committed?
  A.   Kidnapping, murder and extortion
  B.   Double murder
  C.   Rape and murder
  D.   Robbery homicide

2. Which prison is Andy sent to serve out his sentence?
  A.   Attica Correctional Facility
  B.   Shawshank State Penitentiary
  C.   United States Penitentiary , Leavenworth
  D.   Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution

3. Who wrote the novella on which the film is based?
  A.   Stanley Ellin
  B.   Stephen King
  C.   Raymond Chandler
  D.   James Patterson

4. What service does Andy provide for the prison guards?
  A.   Laundry and ironing services
  B.   Massage therapy services
  C.   Haircut and shave services
  D.   Tax and financial services

5. Under what fake name does the warden have Andy launder money?
  A.   Andrew Robbins
  B.   Jack Racker
  C.   Randall Stevens
  D.   David Copper

6. What operatic piece from Mozarts, "The Marriage of Figaro" does Andy play over the prison P.A. system?
  A.   Che soave zeffiretto
  B.   Laut Verkunde unsre Freude
  C.   Vesperae de Dominica
  D.   Maurerische Trauermusik

7. Prior to hanging himself, what does Brooks write on the ceiling beam?
  A.   Hang in there
  B.   Goodbye cruel world
  C.   Brooks was here
  D.   Shawshank forever

8. What is on the metal box Andy leaves for Red under the rocks near the rock wall?
  A.   Steamship
  B.   Man and woman
  C.   Liquor bottle
  D.   Cigarette package

9. What is the name of the Mexican coastal town where Red eventually meets up with Andy at the end of the film?
  A.   Costalegre
  B.   Zihuatanejo
  C.   Ixtapa
  D.   Isla Mujeres

10. A poster of which actress and sex symbol hangs in Andy's cell?
  A.   Ursula Andress
  B.   Bettie Page
  C.   Raquel Welch
  D.   Jayne Mansfield®   

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