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Trivia Quiz - Crash

"Crash" won Best Picture in 2006. This movie is really too poignant to trivialize, but I couldn't resist doing a quiz on it.

Quiz Number: 3622
Date Submitted: December 01, 2010
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Times Taken: 133 times
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1. A little statue keeps cropping up throughout the film, especially in cars. Of whom is it a statue?
  A.   St. Christopher
  B.   St. Francis
  C.   St. Jude
  D.   Virgin Mary

2. To whom was the Mercedes registered?
  A.   Cindy Trujillo
  B.   Detective Conklin
  C.   Cindy Bradley
  D.   William Lewis

3. What was the name of Rick and Jean's son?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Graham
  C.   James
  D.   Tommy

4. The imaginary magic cloak given by the locksmith to his daughter was:
  A.   able to make the wearer fly
  B.   invisible and impenetrable
  C.   only visible to fairies
  D.   invisible and light

5. What was the name of the locksmith's wife?
  A.   Lara
  B.   Elizabeth
  C.   Maria
  D.   Shaniqua

6. What sport did Graham's brother talk most about?
  A.   baseball
  B.   football
  C.   hockey
  D.   soccer

7. From what store did Graham get the groceries for his mother?
  A.   Albertson's
  B.   Safeway
  C.   Whole Foods
  D.   Wild Oats

8. What did they find in the trunk of the Mercedes?
  A.   bars of gold
  B.   a dead body
  C.   a spare tire full of money
  D.   a footlocker full of guns and explosives

9. What was the name of Jean's friend with whom she was on the phone when she fell down the stairs?
  A.   Julie
  B.   Carol
  C.   Karen
  D.   Maria

10. In what state did the story take place?
  A.   Illinois
  B.   Michigan
  C.   California
  D.   New York®   

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