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Trivia Quiz - Stanley Bruce: 8th Australian Prime Minister

At 39 he became Australia's second youngest Prime Minister and created a number of firsts.

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Date Submitted: December 03, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Stanley M Bruce

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Stanley Bruce 8th Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Stanley Bruce)

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1. Born in Melbourne in 1883, at which university did Bruce study law?
  A.   Melbourne
  B.   Sydney
  C.   Cambridge
  D.   Harvard

2. At the outbreak of World War I, in which country's army did he enlist?
  A.   Canada
  B.   New Zealand
  C.   Britain
  D.   Australia

3. Bruce belonged to two political parties. What were they?
  A.   Nationalist and United Australia Party
  B.   Labor and Country Party
  C.   Free Trade and United Australia Party
  D.   Country Party and Australia First

4. Which Prime Minister did Bruce succeed?
  A.   William Hughes
  B.   Andrew Fisher
  C.   Alfred Deakin
  D.   James Scullin

5. Bruce achieved many firsts as Prime Minister. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   The first Prime Minister to live in The Lodge
  B.   The first Prime Minister to lose his seat in a general election
  C.   The Prime Minister to marry while in office
  D.   The first Australian to sit in the House of Lords

6. While Prime Minister, Bruce held which portfolio?
  A.   External Affairs
  B.   Treasurer
  C.   Immigration
  D.   Defence

7. Which previous government policy did Bruce enthusiastically support?
  A.   Republicanism
  B.   White Australia Policy
  C.   National rail gauge
  D.   The right of Western Australia to secede

8. Bruce was forced to an election in 1929 because of his party's stance on which issue?
  A.   White Australia Policy
  B.   Income tax for the states
  C.   Industrial relations policy
  D.   40 hour working week

9. Following his defeat in the 1929 election, Bruce was appointed to which position in 1933?
  A.   High Commissioner to Britain
  B.   High Court judge
  C.   Governor General
  D.   Head of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

10. In 1947 Bruce was conferred with which title by Britain?
  A.   Baron
  B.   Lord
  C.   Viscount
  D.   Marquis®   

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