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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Brady Kitchen : Part I

A look at the world of Brady "eats".

Quiz Number: 3668
Date Submitted: December 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Brady Kitchen Part I
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1. In "Katchoo", Carol Brady tells Mike Brady via a phone call that she has his favorite dish waiting at home. Besides herself, what is the "favorite dish" to which she refers?
  A.   abalone steak
  B.   roast beef and buttered noodles
  C.   a souffle
  D.   tuna salad with chopped eggs and pickle relish

2. What kind of sandwich is Jan Brady "famous" for?
  A.   bologna with cheese
  B.   peanut butter and banana
  C.   peanut butter and pickle
  D.   tuna with chopped eggs and pickle relish

3. Which of the following is NOT one of Peter Brady's favorite desserts?
  A.   hot fudge sundae
  B.   tapioca pudding
  C.   strawberry shortcake
  D.   banana split

4. When Marcia Brady is earning her cooking badge, what does she make for dinner?
  A.   lamb chops, potatoes, and peas
  B.   roast beef, buttered noodles, and biscuits
  C.   breaded veal cutlets, string beans, and french fries
  D.   pork chops and applesauce

5. What is Bobby Brady's favorite flavor of ice cream?
  A.   butter pecan
  B.   chocolate
  C.   strawberry
  D.   vanilla

6. What do the Bradys have to eat at the ghost town?
  A.   cold cuts and cheese
  B.   fried chicken
  C.   hamburgers
  D.   hot dogs and beans

7. What is Bobby Brady's favorite dessert?
  A.   banana split
  B.   butterscotch parfait
  C.   hot fudge sundae
  D.   strawberry shortcake

8. When Alice takes Bobby Brady and Cindy Brady for ice cream, Mr. Haskell offers Alice his newest creation. What's it called?
  A.   Banana Royale
  B.   Lover's Delight
  C.   Mocha Madness
  D.   Pineapple-Raspberry Rhapsody

9. What does Alice Brady serve in honor of Bobby's heroism?
  A.   BBQ ribs
  B.   Hungarian goulash
  C.   pizza
  D.   turkey with all the trimmings

10. Bobby and Cindy Brady load up on goodies at King's Island amusement park. Which of the following do they NOT eat during their first day there?
  A.   candy apples
  B.   cotton candy
  C.   ice cream
  D.   popcorn®   

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