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Trivia Quiz - MISL: Major Indoor Soccer League Teams (1979-1992)

The MISL ran in the United States from 1979-1992. Can you match the team nickname with their home city?

Quiz Number: 3676
Date Submitted: December 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Soccer
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 67.3 percent
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MISL Major Indoor Soccer League Teams (1979 1992)
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1. "Horizon"
  A.   Miami
  B.   Rochester
  C.   Chicago
  D.   Akron

2. "Wings"
  A.   Wichita
  B.   Boise
  C.   Toledo
  D.   Reno

3. "Fog"
  A.   St. Paul
  B.   San Jose
  C.   San Francisco
  D.   San Bernadino

4. "Lazers"
  A.   Los Angeles
  B.   Dallas
  C.   Washington
  D.   Tucson

5. "Sockers"
  A.   Fort Worth
  B.   Seattle
  C.   San Diego
  D.   Portland

6. "Summit"
  A.   Phoenix
  B.   Houston
  C.   New York
  D.   Minnesota

7. "Fever"
  A.   Memphis
  B.   New Orleans
  C.   Denver
  D.   Philadelphia

8. "Lightning"
  A.   Dallas
  B.   Detroit
  C.   Charlotte
  D.   Cincinnati

9. "Hellions"
  A.   Hartford
  B.   Buffalo
  C.   Baltimore
  D.   Austin

10. "Crunch"
  A.   New Jersey
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Cleveland
  D.   El Paso®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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