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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek: Generations

Next Generation Trekker trivia on the first feature film of the franchise.

Quiz Number: 3692
Date Submitted: December 17, 2010
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 43.7 percent
Times Taken: 19 times
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Star Trek Generations
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1. The Enterprise got a distress call from this ship:
  A.   Lakul
  B.   Milan
  C.   Odin
  D.   Vico

2. The crew staged a celebration for Worf aboard a sailing ship. What rank was he awarded?
  A.   Captain
  B.   Commander
  C.   Lieutenant
  D.   Lieutenant Commander

3. While aboard the sailing ship, Data did this in an attempt to display humor:
  A.   Climbed the mast and acted like a monkey
  B.   Pushed Dr. Crusher overboard
  C.   Squirted Captain Picard's clothes with disappearing ink
  D.   Told the computer to remove the plank from under Worf

4. In the nexus, how many children did Picard have?
  A.   Three boys and two girls
  B.   Three girls and three boys
  C.   Three girls and two boys
  D.   Two boys and two girls

5. Who does not use a type 3 disrupter?
  A.   Breens
  B.   Cardassians
  C.   Klingons
  D.   Romulans

6. Data hated this new drink from:
  A.   Baratus 3
  B.   Forcas 3
  C.   Melina 2
  D.   Tagus 3

7. What kind of eggs was Captain Kirk cooking in the nexus?
  A.   Calamarian
  B.   Klingon
  C.   Kriosian
  D.   Katarian

8. Data said he had this type of personality:
  A.   Annoying
  B.   Enigmatic
  C.   Magnetic
  D.   Type A

9. According to Guinan, TIME in the nexus:
  A.   Did not exist
  B.   Existed in a repeating loop
  C.   Had no meaning
  D.   Stood still

10. What was the name of Captain Kirk's dog?
  A.   Antonia
  B.   Bruno
  C.   Brutus
  D.   Butler®   

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