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Trivia Quiz - Frank Forde: 15th Australian Prime Minister

The loyal deputy who unexpectedly became leader, Frank Forde.

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Date Submitted: December 20, 2010
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Quiz is about: Frank Forde

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Frank Forde 15th Australian Prime Minister
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1. Forde became the third Prime Minister from which Australian state?
  A.   Western Australia
  B.   South Australia
  C.   Queensland
  D.   Tasmania

2. As minister for trade and customs in the Scullin Labor government, Forde enthusiastically pursued what policy?
  A.   High protectionist tariffs
  B.   Removal of all tariffs on imports
  C.   A joint Australia/New Zealand trade bloc
  D.   The establishment of an opium industry to counter illegal trafficking

3. Forde was defeated by John Curtin for the Labor Party leadership in 1935 because he supported Scullin's Premier's Plan. This plan aimed to:
  A.   increase taxation and reduce government expenditure
  B.   have a moratorium on all overseas loan repayments
  C.   return income tax arrangements to the states
  D.   impose a goods and services tax

4. As minister for the army during World War II, which proposal did Forde oppose vehemently?
  A.   Conscription
  B.   Transferral of Australian troops from the Middle East to the Pacific theatre
  C.   Forging an alliance with USA in preference to Great Britain
  D.   The Brisbane Line which meant leaving the top third of Australia undefended

5. Following the death of John Curtin, Forde as deputy became Prime Minister. How long was his term in office?
  A.   8 days
  B.   80 days
  C.   4 months
  D.   8 months

6. While minister for defence, Forde lost his seat in the 1946 general election. The major reason for this loss was:
  A.   Forde being overseas on ministerial business during most of the campaign
  B.   The slowness with which WWII servicemen were being demobilised
  C.   The fact that Australian soldiers were still awaiting to return home
  D.   Forde's refusal to allow married women to serve in the armed forces

7. Following his parliamentary career, Forde served for seven years as High Commissioner to which country?
  A.   Great Britain
  B.   Canada
  C.   New Zealand
  D.   India

8. In 1964, Forde represented Australia at the funeral of which World War II luminary
  A.   Winston Churchill
  B.   Charles De Gaulle
  C.   Bernard Montgomery
  D.   Douglas MacArthur

9. Forde's son, Gerard died in 1966. Gerard's wife, Leneen eventually held what esteemed position?
  A.   First woman governor of Queensland
  B.   First woman governor of New South Wales
  C.   First woman governor of South Australia
  D.   First woman governor of Victoria

10. Immediately following Forde's funeral in 1983 (aged 92), what political coup was arranged?
  A.   Paul Keating becoming deputy Labor leader to bolster an ailing Bill Hayden
  B.   John Button persuading Bill Hayden to stand down as Labor leader
  C.   Bill Hayden calling for a spill of positions to settle leadership questions
  D.   Andrew Peacock challenging Malcolm Fraser for the Prime Ministership®   

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