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Trivia Quiz - Cheers' Basics

Hey Norm! "Cheers" is a great sitcom and this is a great quiz! -garrett

Quiz Number: 377
Date Submitted: May 09, 2006
Quiz Categories: Cheers
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 76.4 percent
Times Taken: 559 times
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Cheers Basics
(Image Source: Crazy About TV)

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1. What sport did Sam play professionally before he became a bartender/bar owner?
  A.   hockey
  B.   football
  C.   baseball
  D.   basketball

2. According to Carla, what happens when a parent has a son who becomes a priest?
  A.   you get a free ticket to heaven
  B.   you don't have to give any money in the collection basket
  C.   all your sins are automatically forgiven
  D.   you can skip Mass on Sunday without a good reason

3. For which television game show is Cliff selected to compete?
  A.   "What's My Line?"
  B.   "The Price is Right"
  C.   "$100,000 Pyramid"
  D.   "Jeopardy!"

4. What was Woody's girlfriend/wife's name?
  A.   Kelly
  B.   Karen
  C.   Katrina
  D.   Kristin

5. Who does Diane leave standing at the altar in Florence, Italy after she decides not to marry him?
  A.   Sam
  B.   Jack Dalton
  C.   Frasier
  D.   Cliff

6. What is Norm's wife's name?
  A.   Flora
  B.   Dana
  C.   Lana
  D.   Vera

7. Who did Rebecca marry?
  A.   entrepreneur Robin Colcord
  B.   Sam
  C.   wealthy Lillian executive, Walter Gaines
  D.   plumber Don Santry

8. In what profession was Carla's second husband, Eddie LeBec well known?
  A.   hockey goalie
  B.   skeet shooting
  C.   curling champion
  D.   hockey coach

9. What is the name of Cliff's female fellow postal worker and "love of his life?"
  A.   Maureen
  B.   Margaret
  C.   Mildred
  D.   Marian

10. What model of automobile was Sam's prized sports car?
  A.   Corvette
  B.   Trans Am
  C.   Thunderbird
  D.   Mustang®   

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