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Trivia Quiz - White Nights

This is one of Gregory Hines' best movies, showcasing his phenomenal skills as a dancer, singer, and actor.

Quiz Number: 3786
Date Submitted: January 11, 2011
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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White Nights
(Image Source: White Nights Poster)

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1. What was the name of Nikolai's Dr. in the U.S.?
  A.   Britner
  B.   Hammond
  C.   Harris
  D.   Garrett

2. The film's title refers to:
  A.   a highly contagious illness
  B.   the fact that the idea of white supremacy is bad
  C.   people staying up all night dancing
  D.   the way the sun never sets during the summer in some parts of the Soviet Union

3. Nikolai's plane crash-landed in:
  A.   Jakarta
  B.   Leningrad
  C.   Moscow
  D.   Siberia

4. What did Nikolai try to do with his passport in order to conceal his identity?
  A.   hide it in an overhead compartment
  B.   put it in someone else's coat pocket
  C.   set it on fire
  D.   tear it up and flush it down the airplane's toilet

5. In what musical was Raymond performing in Siberia?
  A.   Blackbirds
  B.   Porgy and Bess
  C.   The Swing Mikado
  D.   West Side Story

6. According to the film, if you open a bottle of vodka in Russia:
  A.   you are supposed to drink it from a dirty glass
  B.   you are supposed to finish the whole bottle
  C.   you are supposed to save half the bottle for later
  D.   you are supposed to share it

7. Whose music was banned from the theater in the Soviet Union, according to the film?
  A.   Ivanova
  B.   Rodchenko
  C.   Seminov
  D.   Vysotsky

8. What was the name of Nikolai's Russian lover?
  A.   Darya
  B.   Galina
  C.   Ivanova
  D.   Natasha

9. What convinced Raymond to try to escape from the Soviet Union?
  A.   He discovered the KGB planned to kill him.
  B.   He didn't like the idea of never seeing Nikolai again.
  C.   He wasn't allowed to dance in Russia anymore.
  D.   His wife announced that she was pregnant.

10. Where did Galina meet the American agent in order to tell him where Nikolai was being held?
  A.   a herring market
  B.   the Kirov
  C.   next to the lion statue
  D.   Ploschad Mira Bazaar®   

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