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Trivia Quiz - Juan Ponce de León: European Explorer

What do you know about European explorer Juan Ponce de León?

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Date Submitted: April 29, 2011
Quiz Categories: European Age of Discovery
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Juan Ponce de León

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Juan Ponce de León European Explorer
(Image Source: Juan Ponce de León)

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1. Juan Ponce de León is credited with discovering what U.S. state?
  A.   Hawaii
  B.   Florida
  C.   Georgia
  D.   Maine

2. Ponce de León was a shipmate of what famous European explorer?
  A.   Vasco da Gama
  B.   Vasco Núñez de Balboa
  C.   Christopher Columbus
  D.   Ferdinand Magellan

3. In 1493, Ponce de León set out to search for the Fountain of Youth, fountain that was said to produce a liquid that when drunk would allow a person to never grow old. On what Bahamian island was the fountain rumored to be?
  A.   Bimini
  B.   Great Exuma
  C.   Abaco
  D.   Mayaguna

4. While searching for the Fountain of Youth, Ponce de León accidentally landed in what is now Florida. Near what present-day city did he land?
  A.   Boca Raton
  B.   Vero Beach
  C.   Port St. Lucie
  D.   St. Augustine

5. Ponce de León was appointed by the Spanish Crown as the first Governor of what present-day island country?
  A.   Cuba
  B.   Bahamas
  C.   Puerto Rico
  D.   Jamaica

6. What natural oceanic phenomenon is Ponce de León often credited with discovering?
  A.   Gulf Stream
  B.   Tsunami
  C.   Doldrums
  D.   Florida Current

7. Ponce de León is credited with conquering an island which was once a very important Spanish colony. What island?
  A.   Jamaica
  B.   Puerto Rico
  C.   Hispaniola
  D.   Cayman Islands

8. Juan Ponce de León established the oldest European settlement in Puerto Rico. Hint: the city was later moved to present-day San Juan.
  A.   Luquillo
  B.   Arecibo
  C.   Guaynabo
  D.   Caparra

9. Ponce de León died in 1521. How?
  A.   killed in a battle with Native Americans
  B.   typhoid fever
  C.   Black Death
  D.   sailing accident

10. Ponce de León is buried in a tomb inside a Catholic Cathedral in what North American city?
  A.   San Juan
  B.   Havanna
  C.   Miami
  D.   Santo Domingo®   

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