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Trivia Quiz - Brad Garrett: Towering Actor

Brad Garrett was a scream in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and is equally funny in "'Til Death."

Quiz Number: 3943
Date Submitted: May 29, 2011
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Brad Garrett

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Brad Garrett Towering Actor
(Image Source: Broadway World)

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1. Brad Garrett plays Robert Barone in the American TV sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond." What occupation does Robert Barone have?
  A.   sportswriter
  B.   dog trainer
  C.   jeweler
  D.   police officer

2. To the closest inch, how tall is Brad Garrett?
  A.   6' 6"
  B.   6' 7"
  C.   6' 8"
  D.   6' 9"

3. Prior to going into stand-up comedy full time, Garrett spent a short time studying at what California university?
  A.   UCLA
  B.   USC
  C.   Cal-Berkley
  D.   Long Beach State University

4. In 1986, Garrett performed a stand-up routine on a late-night talk show. His talent booker warned him against telling a certain joke that Garrett told anyhow and he has not appeared on this show since. What show was it?
  A.   The Tonight Show
  B.   Late Night with David Letterman
  C.   The Tomorrow Show
  D.   The Late Late Show

5. In 1984, Garrett became the first grand champion winner in the comedy category of the TV show "Star Search." How much did he win?
  A.   $25,000
  B.   $50,000
  C.   $100,000
  D.   $1,000,000

6. For what character does Brad Garrett provide the voice in the 1998 animated movie, "A Bug's Life"?
  A.   Molt
  B.   Dim
  C.   Manny
  D.   Slim

7. Brad Garrett was married to Jill Diven from 1999-2007. How many children did the couple have?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

8. Brad Garrett played the role of Tony in a 1995 episode of "Seinfeld." What was Tony's occupation?
  A.   grocery store clerk
  B.   waiter
  C.   teacher
  D.   auto mechanic

9. What role does Brad Garrett play in the American TV sitcom, "'Til Death"?
  A.   Eddie Stark
  B.   Jeff Woodcock
  C.   Kenneth Westchester
  D.   Doug Von Stuessen

10. Garrett appeared on a 1979 album cover of which popular rock band?
  A.   Allman Brothers Band
  B.   AC/DC
  C.   Electric Light Orchestra
  D.   Pink Floyd®   

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