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Trivia Quiz - Sporting Nicknames

An easy quiz on some well-known sporting nicknames.

Quiz Number: 3956
Date Submitted: June 11, 2011
Quiz Categories: Sports
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Sporting Nicknames
(Image Source: Wayne Gretzky (The Great One) @ Fotopedia)

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1. Which baseball great earned the title "The Sultan of Swat"?
  A.   Joe Di Maggio
  B.   Lou Gehrig
  C.   Babe Ruth
  D.   Mickey Mantle

2. Who earned for himself the title of "SuperBrat"?
  A.   Jimmy Connors
  B.   Lee Trevino
  C.   Diego Maradona
  D.   John McEnroe

3. Which famed heavyweight boxer was called "The Manassa Mauler"?
  A.   Rocky Marciano
  B.   Jack Dempsey
  C.   Max Baer
  D.   Gene Tunney

4. Which famed sportsman, had among many others, the nickname of "The Louisville Lip"?
  A.   Joe Frazier
  B.   George Foreman
  C.   Muhammad Ali
  D.   Floyd Patterson

5. Which golfing icon was dubbed "The Golden Bear"?
  A.   Arnold Palmer
  B.   Johnny Miller
  C.   Jack Nicklaus
  D.   Ben Hogan

6. Which sporting star is known as "The Black Pearl"?
  A.   Pele
  B.   Florence Griffith-Joyner
  C.   Carl Lewis
  D.   Daley Thompson

7. Which sportsman was known as "The Juice"?
  A.   Wayne Gretzky
  B.   David Beckham
  C.   Orenthal James Simpson
  D.   Seve Ballesteros

8. Which famed African American boxer was called "The Brown Bomber"?
  A.   Joe Louis
  B.   Sonny Liston
  C.   Floyd Patterson
  D.   Joe Frazier

9. Which sportsman of substantial proportions was bestowed with the title of "The Refrigerator"?
  A.   Don Maynard
  B.   Bob Griese
  C.   William Perry
  D.   Joe Gibbs

10. Which sporting star was known as "Big Bill"?
  A.   Billy Casper
  B.   Bill Walker
  C.   Bill Briggs
  D.   William Tilden®   

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