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Trivia Quiz - Name the Century

Not the year, not the decade but the century. Name the century in which the following events happened.

Quiz Number: 3970
Date Submitted: July 03, 2011
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Name the Century
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1. Henry Hudson marooned by his crew, the Great Plague hits London and Galileo observes the four moons of Jupiter?
  A.   15th century
  B.   16th century
  C.   17th century
  D.   18th century

2. Adam Smith writes "The Wealth of Nations", The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is established, Highwayman Dick Turpin is hanged?
  A.   16th century
  B.   17th century
  C.   18th century
  D.   19th century

3. Genghis Khan invades China, William Wallace's forces defeat the English at Stirling Bridge, Marco Polo travels to China?
  A.   11th century
  B.   12th century
  C.   13th century
  D.   14th century

4. Macbeth kills King Duncan of Scotland, the last Viking raid on England, Jerusalem captured by the crusaders?
  A.   8th century
  B.   9th century
  C.   10th century
  D.   11th century

5. Mecca falls to the forces of Muhammad, Emperor Justinian II deposed, the Great Library at Alexandria destroyed by fire?
  A.   7th century
  B.   8th century
  C.   9th century
  D.   10th century

6. The War of the Roses begins, Battle of Agincourt, Christopher Columbus lands in Cuba?
  A.   14th century
  B.   15th century
  C.   16th century
  D.   17th century

7. Walter Raleigh establishes colony in Virginia, Pizarro defeats the Incas, Magellan's crew accomplishes first global circumnavigation?
  A.   14th century
  B.   15th century
  C.   16th century
  D.   17th century

8. The Black Death sweeps through most of Europe, Chaucer begins "The Canterbury Tales", Edward III claims the throne of France thus commencing The Hundred Years War.
  A.   14th century
  B.   15th century
  C.   16th century
  D.   17th century

9. Thomas Becket is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, King Richard defeats Saladin at Arsuf, Oxford University established?
  A.   12th century
  B.   13th century
  C.   14th century
  D.   15th century

10. Goths sack Rome, Attila the Hun dies on his wedding night, St Patrick goes to Ireland?
  A.   5th century
  B.   6th century
  C.   7th century
  D.   8th century®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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