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Trivia Quiz - College Football Players' Nicknames: Pre-1965

I give you the name of a college football player or players and you give me their nickname! These players all played their college football prior to 1965.

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Date Submitted: July 23, 2011
Quiz Categories: College Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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College Football Players Nicknames Pre 1965
(Image Source: Red Grange @ Chicago

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1. George Gipp - University of Notre Dame (1917-1920):
  A.   Big Gipper
  B.   The Gipper
  C.   Gippy
  D.   The Gipster

2. Elroy Hirsch - University of Wisconsin (1942) & University of Michigan (1943-44):
  A.   Screwy Legs
  B.   Nutty Legs
  C.   Goofy Legs
  D.   Crazy Legs

3. Harold Edward "Red" Grange - University of Illinois (1921-1924):
  A.   The Galloping Ghost
  B.   The Gritty Ghost
  C.   The Gravelly Ghost
  D.   The Gregarious Ghost

4. Felix "Doc" Blanchard and Glenn Davis - Army (1944-46):
  A.   Mr. Run & Mr. Pass
  B.   Mr. Left & Mr. Right
  C.   Mr. Inside & Mr. Outside
  D.   Mr. Back & Mr.Front

5. Howard Cassady - Ohio State University (1952-55):
  A.   Streamline Cassady
  B.   Comfortable Cassady
  C.   Hopalong Cassady
  D.   Crazy Cassady

6. Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, Jim Crowley, and Elmer Layden - University of Notre Dame (1922-24):
  A.   The Steel Curtain
  B.   The Iron Curtain
  C.   The Possey
  D.   The Four Horsemen

7. Sammy Baugh - Texas Christian (1932-36):
  A.   Sailin' Sammy
  B.   Slingin' Sammy
  C.   Simmerin' Sammy
  D.   Shinin' Sammy

8. Paul Younger - Grambling University (1945-48):
  A.   Bull
  B.   Tank
  C.   Kong
  D.   Mongo

9. Ernest "Ernie" Davis - Syracuse University (1959–1961):
  A.   The Elmira Express
  B.   The Elmira Train
  C.   The Elmira Option
  D.   The Elmira Mirage

10. Gale Sayers - University of Kansas (1961-64):
  A.   The Kansas Cloud
  B.   The Kansas Carrier
  C.   The Kansas Comet
  D.   The Kansas Cruiser®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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